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Writer's Inspiration: Laura Marie Altom

Harlequin American Romance author Lisa Marie Altom shares the inspiration behind her latest  US Navy Seal Operation Family book -- the soap opera The Young and the Restless!

From Laura Marie's website
Heath Stone is the sixth hero in my US Navy SEAL: Operation Family series—A SEAL’s BABY. He’s my most tortured and complex to date, and was both a pleasure and royal pain-in-the-neck to bring to life!! LOL!!
Heath’s first appearance in this series was I “think” in book four—A Navy SEAL’s Surprise Baby. Readers met him and his adoring wife—yep, you read right—his wife!! Heath was very happily married and believed himself forever off the market. Wrong! His story opens with him essentially retired from the Navy, and living a dark brooding life in the rugged beauty of isolated coastal Oregon that mainly consists of fishing and brooding for his long, lost love. (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out why! LOL!!)
My inspiration for Heath stems from an unlikely source—The Young and the Restless!! I’ve been a HUGE fan of the daytime soap for literally my entire life—Mom and I started watching when the show began well over twenty-five years ago! Anyway, when writing Heath’s story, the show’s fans had just been devastated by the death of a beautiful little girl—Deliah. Viewing this loss from so many different angles made me wonder how one of my characters would react to loss, and sadly for Heath, he’s the poor guy I chose.
Please don’t think A SEAL’s BABY is all dark, though! The heroine, Libby, is eight-months pregnant and a real pistol! Her goodness and light yanks Heath so far from his depression that upon meeting her, he soon realizes he’ll never be the same.
Thanks, Pink Heart Society, for letting me hang out in your gorgeous corner of the world! Hope you’re having a great summer!
Happy Reading—Laura Marie J
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  1. Hi Laurie,

    I've been watching soaps pretty much all my life, I started with my mom as well, and now in the past couple years my father's actually become a Y&R viewer, which is unexpected, but fun.

    I thought that storyline was really well done on The Young and The Restless, they truly did show how her death affected every character, I can totally see how it would have inspired you to see how one of your own characters might handle such a tragedy, there's so many different ways it would play out for different people.