Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Call Story: Adite Banerjie

Pink Heart Society is delighted to visit with  debut Harlequin author Adite Banerjie.

Getting the Call…twice over!
If you are a Harlequin author, getting ‘the call’ is like being given a ticket to paradise. Right?  But what if I were to tell you I got the call not once, but twice!
Don’t believe me? Read on…
In March 2012, after I won the Harlequin India Aspiring Authors Contest I set about developing my short story entry into a 50,000-word novel. Thankfully, I had the fabulous Harlequin editor Pippa Roscoe to help me through the process.  After months of obsessing over the manuscript I finally sent it off to her. And waited for ‘the call’.
Yet, when it happened, I was totally overwhelmed.  Heart racing, like that of my heroine in my novel, I hung on to Pippa’s every word. I was all prepared to let out an ear-shattering victory yelp at the right moment when I realized I had been struck deaf!
No kidding. I just couldn’t hear Pippa. For a nano-second I truly believed I’d go down in history as the only author who went deaf just before she could hear those sweet, sweet words. Thankfully, sanity returned quickly, and I realized the culprit was a bad Skype connection! Skype, my doughty ally in many of my writing adventures, nearly did me in this time.
Seconds later, Pippa was back on the line and as I stuttered that I hadn’t heard her, she laughed out loud, “You missed the most important bits!”
That little drama provided me with a light-bulb moment.  I had actually transitioned from a wannabe author to a soon-to-be-published author in a matter of seconds and a dropped phone connection. If the Cosmos was trying to send me a message, I haven’t figured it out yet!
The second ‘Call’ moment happened roughly a year after my debut title (The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal) had released in India. The book had got some rave reviews and had earned me quite a few fans whose emails I will forever cherish. I was however not prepared for a second call.
This time, it came in the form of an email from my lovely Harlequin India publisher, Amrita Chowdhury. My book had been selected for an international release under the Harlequin E imprint.  Thankfully, this time there were no dropped connections to deal with!  Much better for my sanity but just as exciting!  
Officially, I got to visit paradise twice. How cool is that! ;)
About Adite Banerjie:
Adite Banerjie is a screenwriter and published author. Growing up in a home with a filmmaker dad who worked in the world's largest film industry (yes, Bollywood!) and a voracious reader for a mom, it was inevitable she would fall in love with both films and books.

She turned to fiction writing after a fulfilling and exciting career as a business journalist. When she penned her first romantic short story, she won the Harlequin India Passions Aspiring Authors Contest (2012). Her debut title, The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal, based on the winning short story, was released in December 2013 in India. The e-book is available internationally (from June 2013). Her second title (Trouble Has a New Name) releases in India in July 2014.


  1. How exciting! Call stories are some of my favorite things in the world right now (right up there with pasta), so any time I get to see one I'm thrilled. I enjoyed reading this one. I don't know what I would do if a call dropped just when I was receiving "the call." I'm so glad you were able to get it worked out.

    Congratulations on your book becoming an international release! Now your book will be able to touch even more readers. I'm always intrigued about books that take place in far off places. I'll be adding this one to my kindle.

  2. LOL I can tell you that call really psyched me! I do hope you enjoy reading my book. :)

  3. I love your story Adite! And can't wait to read The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal! :) Congratulations on all your success!