Saturday, May 31, 2014

Writer's Workspace with Elizabeth Lane and a Give Away!

Today the Pink Heart Society welcomes Harlequin Desire author Elizabeth Lane, who will share with us her inspirational space and give away a copy of her latest book! Take it away, Elizabeth!

Somebody, I forget who, said “Writing is Easy. You just sit down at the keyboard and open a vein.” For me this is place is where it happens. It’s nothing fancy or high-tech, but since I spend so much time here I like to surround myself with things that inspire me—things that have a story.

What you see in the photo is about as messy as my work space gets. Some writers thrive on chaos or ignore it. But when things get out of control, I can’t concentrate. I have to stop and straighten things up.

My desk, which I’ve had for decades, is an old classroom desk. I bought it at a yard sale for $10 and paid a teenage friend of my daughter’s $25 to strip it. He earned his money. But the desk is big and solid, with a beautiful patina of marks and scratches. I would never buy a new one.

The painting—I wanted something I would never get tired of looking at, but which wouldn’t distract me. The big painting above the desk was done by an Australian Aboriginal woman. It’s called “Bush Plum Dreaming,” but for me looking up at it is like looking into space. Years ago I fell in love with Aboriginal art. In my little house I have half a dozen Aboriginal paintings, most of which I bought on line. With them around me I can feel the wise spirits of these women whose lives have been so different from mine (the men paint, too, but their style is different). I’ve never been to Australia. But someday ...

Music inspires me and helps settle the nervous energy that keeps me popping up and down. I play cd’s on my little boom box, usually something that fits what I’m working on. Native American flute music is relaxing and provides a background for my Westerns. For my new Desire book, A SINFUL SEDUCTION, my favorite was the soundtrack from the movie, “Out of Africa.”

Oh—the big guy on my desk. We can’t forget him. Walter’s lost  some weight since this photo was taken but he’s still a bruiser, about 20 pounds. He keeps me laughing. And if I get so involved in my story that I forget to pet him, he reminds me by putting his paws across my wrist so I can’t type. I live alone with Walter and his little girlfriend Sadie. She’s a tiny, feisty long-haired red tabby less than half his size. They have their own story to tell.

 I fell in love with Walter on a local pet adoption internet site almost 9 years ago. I wasn’t looking for a big male, but when I clicked on his photo my heart went boom. The next day I took him home, and he was everything I’d hoped for—except  for his constant sad meowing. You could tell how lonesome he was. I called the shelter and asked if he had a special buddy I could get to keep him company. They recommended Sadie. When I brought her home, what a reunion! He wrapped his paws around her and licked her from head to tail. Then they tore all over the house and finally curled up together for a nap. They’re like this little married couple (no babies, they’re both neutered). They squabble and make up, chase and snuggle. And they keep me smiling.

But what really inspires me isn’t in the photo. It’s my readers out there and the desire to please them that keeps me writing and keeps me loving what I do.  Thanks to all of you.

Elizabeth will give away a copy of her book--or a PDF file for international readers--to a randomly drawn commentor. Good luck everyone!


  1. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for having me as your guest today. A SINFUL SEDUCTION should be available everywhere in June. It's an unusual book for a Desire, one I wasn't sure my editors would let me write. So happy they did, and I hope you will be, too. Looking forward to your comments.

  2. Your writing space looks well utilized. For the longest time, I've been sitting on the floor on a blanket in front of the hallway between my bedroom and bathroom. It sort of became a habit to sit there, and the ideas just flowed there. I eventually dragged in a chair and an ottoman, but I can't get a comfortable set up in the little alcove. I am thinking of ordering a moonchair (something I can fit my crossed legs into) until I can get a bigger space and have a designated office.