Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Lee Duncan and The Glade County Cowboys

Today The Pink Heart Society is thrilled to welcome Lee Duncan, who will introduce you to her new series, The Glades County Cowboys

Thanks so much for having me here!  I love, love, love the Pink Heart Society and always treasure my time with you.

Today, we’re going to start things off with a little fun by combining some things that don’t normally go together. For instance, if I said, “Peanut buttter and...,” how many of you would come up with dill pickles?

What if I suggested “Apples and ...”  Would you respond, “Tomatoes?”  Not often, I bet. 
What about “Bacon and... ice cream?”   That wouldn’t be my first pick either, but like peanut butter and dill pickles, or apples with tomatoes, some people absolutely swear by this combination: 

We’ve done very well with our mis-matches so far.  How about trying one more.  As many of you know, I live in Florida.  So, when I say, “Florida,” what comes to mind?
Sunshine.  Great answer!  Florida is the Sunshine State, after all.  Beaches.  Good one—surrounded on three sides by water, Florida has lots of beaches.  Oranges.  Yum!  Who doesn’t want a juicy Florida orange?  What else?   Disney World.  Rocket launches.  ‘Gators.  Yes, those are all things Florida is known for.  Okay, what about...cattle ranching and cowboys?  No? 

It’s true, though.  Florida is the third largest cattle producer east of the Mississippi.  And Florida’s Deseret Ranch is the largest cattle ranch in the United States.  It’s even larger than those big Texas spreads.  So, combining cattle ranching, cowboys and Florida isn’t nearly as strange as it sounds at first. 
In fact, I introduced readers to the Circle P Ranch near Okeechobee, Florida in Rancher’s Son.  Readers (that’s you!) loved it so much they made Rancher’s Son Amazon’s best-selling Harlequin American Romance.  I was literally bombarded with requests for more stories about the Circle P—and the cowboys who call it home—and, well, who could say no to that?

You may recall from Rancher’s Son that the Parker family has owned this South Florida ranch for four generations.  And a Judd has managed the thousand acres of palmetto and scrub oak near the Everglades for just as long.  But do you recall that Seth and Doris Judd had five grown sons?  Five tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed, former rodeo-riding sons?  All of whom want to manage the Circle P after their father’s untimely death. 

The Glades County Cowboys series tells the stories of these five hunky cowboys who each find the love of their lives while they take turns managing the Circle P Ranch.  The series kicks off this month with The Bull Rider’s Family, when Colt Judd steps in to run the ranch exactly the way his father did.  

Colt swears he’s up to the challenge of preserving the traditions that stretch back for more than four generations.  But his determination faces its biggest challenge when Emma Shane arrives on the ranch. 

Her job as the new cook on the Cirlce P Ranch gives widowed mom Emma Shane the chance to provide a permanent home for her daughter...until Colt swaggers into her domain.  Lost family recipes, a run-away bull and an encounter with alligators all challenge Colt and Emma as she dishes up the kitchen and in the rancher’s heart.
I hope you enjoy this heartwarming story of second chances and new love, and that you’ll look forward to the next story in the Glades County Cowboy series, His Favorite Cowgirl (October 2014).

Now that you know cowboys and cattle ranches and Florida really do go together, do you have an odd combination you’d like to share?  Be sure to provide an answer in the Comments Section for a chance to win a copy of Rancher’s Son and The Bull Rider’s Family (US or Canadian shipping addresses only). 

Leigh Duncan writes contemporary romance with a dash of Southern sass.  An Amazon best-selling author of Harlequin American Romance, Leigh is a long-time member of Romance Writers of America, Washington Romance Writers and serves as the PAN liaison for the Space Coast Authors of Romance (Florida STAR).   Her sixth book for Harlequin American Romance, The Bull Rider’s Family, kicks off her Glades County Cowboys series on May 6th. The series continues with His Favorite Cowgirl in October and The Rancher’s Lullaby next spring.  To learn more about Leigh, visit or follow her on Facebook at LeighDuncanBooks.


  1. I've always enjoyed "Cheez Whiz and" ... mustard.
    I grew up with a strict mom who made her own hamburger patties, and they more often than not had grizzle in them. This was before microwaves, so when I couldn't swallow the cold burgers, she said I (we) couldn't leave the table until the burger was finished. When she left the room, my brother and I used to hide the patty in the shelf under her giant dining room table nearby, and then eat the rest of the "burger" as if there was still a patty in it. What WAS left in it was Cheez Whiz and mustard.
    So today I actually like eating Cheez Whiz and mustard sandwiches. Go figure, LOL.

  2. Laney4--Oh, the things we did as kids to keep from eating food we didn't like. My hubby and his sisters used to leave unwanted veggies on a window sill. My family always had a pup in the house--and the dogs would eat anything. All we had to do was slip that nasty brussel sprout into our lap and abracadabra, it disappeared! Funny though, I recently rediscovered brussel sprouts and love 'em!

  3. I must have had a very boring (gastronomically, that is) childhood, because I can't think of any unusual food combination. Yes, sadly, I'll eat almost anything...
    But I did love the Bull Riders Family! Looking forward to more Glades County Cowboys!

  4. From Marcie R

    This isn't mine, but a friend told me she used to eat peanut butter, banana, and cheese sandwiches as a kid! I can understand the peanut butter and banana, but with cheese?

  5. Well I never ate one but I have served a lot of dill pickle splits. One dill pickle, three cones of soft ice cream, one topped with mustard, one with ketchup and one with sweet relish with an olive on top of each of them. It was the dare of the day for a while in the restaurant I worked at. The boss only had one stipulation ~ it had to be paid for before it was made.

  6. Oh Phooey! I totally spaced on awarding a winner for this blog post. To make it up to you, EVERYONE who posted a response to this blog by May 8th will get a prize package. Laney4, PatD, Marcie R and Kaelee, if you'll email your shipping info to me at, I'll put copies of Rancher's Son and The Bull Rider's Family in the mail to you right away. Again, I'm so sorry for the delay! Leigh