Monday, April 14, 2014

Male on Monday: Sexy Celebrity Dads!

Kimani Romance author Pamela Yaye explains the thrill of the celebrity dad.

USHER                                    MARK WAHLBERG       MARIO LOPEZ      NICK LACHEY
Mark Walberg
Mario Lopez
Nick Lachey

I like dreamy eyes, juicy lips, and a washboard stomach as much
as the next girl, but to me there’s nothing sexier than a loving, sensitive
father. Every time I see a man dotting on his child I melt. Every. Single. Time.
Fathers often get a bad rap for not taking care of their children, but there
are tons of hot, sexy dads out there who step up to the plate every day. I see them
playing tag with their kids at the park, reading books to their daughters at the
public library, and cheering at little league soccer games. Men who love children  
make me swoon, and all of my girlfriends agree: Fathers are the hottest men on the
planet. (And, I think celebrity dads are especially hot!!!! Check out the pictures
throughout this post. I think you’ll agree.)

A few weeks ago, while shopping in the mall, a short, gregarious guy struck up a conversation
with me in the food court. I spoke to him for a few minutes, then found a quiet place to eat
my lunch. I spotted, “Mr. Gregarious” across the aisle, and did a double take. He was sitting
at a table, cradling a bright-eyed toddler in his arms. He was feeding her apple slices, and tenderly
stroking her curly hair. What a sight! I felt guilty staring at him, but I couldn’t help myself. He was
SO dreamy! And I wasn’t the only one making eyes at him. Other women were checking him out too,
and for good reason. A man who puts his child’s needs first is drop-dead gorgeous in my book, and
that will never, ever change.
David Beckham

Matthew McConaughey
Patrick Demsey

LL Cool J (Todd Smith)

Pamela Yaye has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education, and her love of African-American fiction inspired her

to pursue a career in writing romance. Her fourteenth Harlequin Kimani Romance novel, Designed by Desire, was released

in October 2013. When Pamela’s not writing about strong, feisty heroines and the alpha males who love them, this busy

wife, mother, and teacher is watching sports, experimenting in the kitchen, or planning her next family vacation. Pamela

lives in Alberta, Canada with her real-life hero, and adorable, but mischievous son and daughter. To learn more about,

Pamela, and her steamy romance novels visit:

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