Monday, April 07, 2014

Male on Monday: Raffa Leon

Harlequin Presents author Susan Stephens shares the inspiration behind her latest hero

Okay. Here we have the hero for my latest book. Delicious I hope you agree. And, as he clearly needs soaping down with warm, sudsy water, please form an orderly line to take the softest sponge you have on the adventure of its life.

Did I mention I'm at the head of the line? Or that I may take some time?

With a muse like this for Raffa Leon, my rugged Spanish hero in THE PUREST OF DIAMONDS? it will come as no surprise to learn that writing the book was unalloyed pleasure. My heroine, Leila, the quietest of The Skavanga sisters in my SKAVANGA DIAMOND series, was pretty impressed by Raffa too! 
And, in case you're wondering, Leila is anything but the 'quiet' sister by the end of this story.

There are four books in this series:

1. DIAMOND IN THE DESERT, featuring the oldest sister, Britt Skavanga and her sexy sheikh.

2. THE FLAW IN HIS DIAMOND, with environmentalist firebrand, middle sister, Eva, and the smooth Italian Count Roman Quisvada.

3. THE PUREST OF DIAMONDS?, with Leila and Raffa.

4. HIS FORBIDDEN DIAMOND, with the sheikh's sister, Jasmina, and the hot-blooded Viking, long-lost brother, Tyr Skavanga. This final book in the series is a July 2014 release.

If you want to read more about the Skavangas I have a section on my web site devoted to this tempestuous family. Hit the Skavanga sidebar on my Home Page and visit the land of ice and fire with THE SKAVANGA DIAMONDS

Happy Male On Monday! (I'm off to find a sponge)

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