Thursday, March 06, 2014

Setting the Scene:.. with Tara Taylor Quinn

Pink Heart Society is delighted that bestselling athor Tara Taylor Quin stopped by to talk about the setting  for her latest Superromance --Wife By Design.

Several years ago I drove up the coast of California on Highway One.  I wasn’t working at the time.  I was on a very specific three day break from anything work related.  A time to let my mind rest.  To relax.  I was going to be taking a boat out to look at whales.  Eating at coastal diners sitting on terraces looking out over the ocean.  Shopping in Carmel.  And maybe sipping some wine.
I was not, repeat, was not working.  I wasn’t going to think about story.  Or deadlines.  Sales or cover art or publicity.  I needed a break.
But as the miles slid by, as my brain relaxed, the process took over.  I don’t just write.  I am a writer.  The distinction between the two is huge and only after more than twenty years of full time authoring do I see the true significance in this.  Being a writer, taking in the story, is as much a part of me as my heart and soul, my limbs.  The ‘story’ as it waits to be told is the air that I breathe.  It’s not something I can ever run away from.  Get away from.  Take a break from.  Or escape.
I didn’t have particular plots or characters in my mind during those three days of running away.  But I could physically feel my well filling with story.  And I realized that I didn’t need time away from being a writer.  I needed time to BE a writer.  Time away from the keyboard, from the book and deadlines, time to get back to the core of it all.  Time to let the process live.
So here we are, more than ten years later, and I am bringing that story – or rather a series of many stories – to life.  I’ve created a place, The Lemonade Stand, that is situated in a little town modeled after a couple of the little towns I stayed in on the coast of California.  The Stand is a very unique resort like women’s shelter.  And it is featured in a new series, Where Secrets Are Safe.  So far I have six unconnected books in the series, a series bound together only by place.  All six books involve The Lemonade Stand in some fashion.  Some are romance.  Some are suspense.  Some are family books.  Some are not.  All six books stand alone with completely separate characters and stories.  And all six are products of that innocuous trip taken by a woman who wrote who had to run away so that she could be a writer.
Book One of Where Secrets Are Safe, Wife By Design is available now in print and e-book.  To celebrate the launch of Where Secrets Are Safe we are giving away a Year of ttq Books (a book a month) for every fifty original entries at

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