Saturday, March 01, 2014

Pets and Their Authors ~ Nora and Jeannie Watt

Today Pink Heart Society editor and Harlequin Superromance author Jeannie Watt introduces us to her cat, Nora.

I've always loved cats, but my husband is more of a dog person. He has a hard time understanding an animal who isn't always glad to see him, who might walk on him, sneer at him, defy him, then demand love a few minutes later. Despite that, he got me Nora as a surprise Mother's Day present in 2007. She was in a shelter in California, almost 300 miles from where we live, but while discreetly shopping online for a rescue cat with which to surprise me, he fell in love. He told me later she had a kind face. Well, yes, she does. And we have since discovered that she also has a defiant face, a trouble-making face and a love-me-now face.

I like to sew. So does Nora. Can you tell?

When she's not sewing, Nora enjoys naps in the sun, annoying the dog by ever so gently touching the ticklish part of her feet, burrowing under the covers and looking majestic.


  1. Love your cat! My dh had to become accustomed to cats too. But I warned him before we married--I was honest!

  2. Nora is totally adorable. I don't sew but various cats through the years have "helped" me as I knitted, crocheted or did counted cross stitch.