Saturday, February 01, 2014

Writer's Workspace with Sherri Shackelford

Today The Pink Heart Society visits Harlequin Love Inspired author Sherri Shackelford's Writer's Workspace.

Okay, I have a little confession to make: I don’t spend as much time in my office as I should. This year, I decided that was one of my goals. I will spend more time in my office. That probably sounds a little strange, but there’s a logical explanation.
I get more work done when I’m sitting at my desk.

Quite often I camp out on the couch or take my laptop to the coffee shop, but last year I mapped my most productive times. I think you know where this is going…I get the most work done when I’m happily ensconced in my office.

Although, I have a sitting area in my bedroom, and lately I’ve been getting a lot of work done there as well.

The space I’ve claimed as an ‘office’ is a small loft area that measures about 8X10. It’s about the size of a comfortable walk-in closet. I use a trifold screen as a ‘door’. I’ve tried to make the space cozy, warm and inviting. I surround myself with the most obvious object of my trade: Books.

This year I made a conscious effort to add mementos of my successes. Always before I felt like this was an unattractive sort of ‘bragging’. I finally realized that celebrating our successes is a vital part of staying positive. It’s so easy to focus on the negative, to put ourselves down.

This year I dug out the certificates from my contest wins, the name badges from conferences I’ve attended, and other memories of things I’ve achieved. I even made a little craft project.
All in all I love my office. Which is good, because I plan on spending a lot of time there this year! 

I’ve got a book due in June and book due in December. Not to mention all the line edits and promotions for my August and February books. I sometimes can’t believe how lucky I am to be doing what I love. 
Sherri Shackelford is an award-winning author of inspirational, Christian romance.

A wife and mother of three, Sherri’s hobbies include collecting mismatched socks, discovering new ways to avoid cleaning, and standing in the middle of the room while thinking, “Why did I just come in here?” A reformed pessimist and recent hopeful romantic, Sherri has a passion for writing. Her books are fun and fast-paced, with plenty of heart and soul.
Sherri is putting the final touches on three more books for her Cimarron Springs series. Her books include Winning the Widow’s Heart and The Marshal’s Ready-Made FamilyThe Cattleman Meets His Match releases in August of 2014.

The Marshal’s Ready-Made Family:
Gentlemen don't court feisty straight shooters like JoBeth McCoy. Just as she's resigned to a lifetime alone, a misunderstanding forces the spunky telegraph operator into a marriage of convenience. Wedding the town's handsome new marshal offers JoBeth a chance at motherhood, caring for the orphaned little girl she's come to love.

Garrett Cain will lose guardianship of his niece, Cora, if he stays single, but he knows no woman could accept the secrets he's hidden about his past. The lawman can't jeopardize Cora's future by admitting the truth. Yet when unexpected danger in the small town threatens to expose Garrett's long-buried secret, only a leap of faith can turn a makeshift union into a real family.


  1. I can relate! I am most productive in my office. Looks like you have created a great space!

  2. Sherri, your office sounds lovely! I tried to carve out space for an office once but ended up using it for storage. These days I do most of my writing at the dining room table, which isn't so bad now that my children are grown and gone. But there are times when I long for a dedicated space...

  3. Ah, Winnie! I don't store too much :) I live pretty sparse. Except for books...gotta have books...

  4. Oh, I seriously need to come over here and show off my workspace, but it's the most FRIGHTENING WORK SPACE EVER!!!!! Sherri, I'm dying laughing because we are the Jekyl and Hyde of author-space!!!!! And the funny thing is, I love my insanity probably as much as you love your peace of mind and harmony.....

    This is so funny!!!!!! So nice to stop in and gaze in AWE. :)

  5. Beautiful office, Sherri. I'm going to burn my house to the ground now, if you'll please excuse me.

  6. Ruth, how funny! I figure my mind is so messy and cluttered, I need the space around me to be organized :)

  7. I'll join you Mary. I share my office space with my hubby. Actually it's 98% mine but still, he does add to the clutter. Our office is an 11 x 12 room, with three desks, two computers and on wall covered, floor to ceiling, wall to wall with bookcases, that are of course full. I'll have to try to get a photo.