Friday, February 21, 2014

MUST WATCH FRIDAY: Heidi Rice's Oscars for Romance Junkies!

Modern Tempted/Harlequin KISS author Heidi Rice gives you the low-down on the REAL movers and shakers in the romance-friendly movie firmament this Oscar season.

Here are my nominations and winners in the categories that Oscar forgot:

So the Oscar for.... 

Most Magnificent Male Torso of 2013

There can be only one winner in this category, but I am giving special mentions to:

Robert Downey Jr's surprisingly tactile (just ask Gwyneth!) metal breast plate
in Iron Man 3

Chris Hemsworth's deliciously daring leatherette nipple look
in Thor The Dark World

& Tom Hiddleston's wickedly ripped chest also
in Thor The Dark World

But for sheen unadulterated Phwoar Power, the winner is....

Henry Cavill's beyond belief buffedness - 
seen in both nekkid and kryptonia-clad varieties - as the Man of Steel... 
Or rather The Man That Steals Your Breath Away

Most Luscious Movie Lip-Lock of 2013

Again, honourable (and somewhat green-eyed) mentions go to:

Christian Bale and Amy Adams in Amercan Hustle, 
because hey, Sexy Comb-Over Action!

Henry Cavill and .. What? Amy AGAIN?? 
Getting even more action in Man of Steel

& Josh Dushamel and Elizabeth Banks in Movie 43 
(because that was the ONLY good thing about that movie)

But for total OTT kiss-arama splendiferousness, the winner is...

Leo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan getting jazzy and jiggy
and generally going off like firecrackers... 
(Oh no actually those were real firecrackers)
in The Great Gatsby

Muchas Adorable Meet Cute of 2013

The nifty nominations are:

Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams meet-cuting, 
or cute-meeting over and over again until he gets it right in About Time

Josh Dushamel and Julianne Hough managing to get a meet cute 
out of paint shopping in Safe Haven

But the hands down winner for awe-inspiring coolness...

Christian Bale and Amy Adams doing their meet cute 
with comb-over confidence and a shared love of Duke Ellington 
in American Hustle

Best Pack-An-Emotional-Punch Scene of 2013


Some of the movie moments that bought a tear to my eye this year:

Matthew McConaughy's formerly homophobic rodeo cowboy 
stands up for his new transgendered mate Jared Leto in The Dallas Buyers Club

Chris Hemsworth's playboy driver James Hunt helps bully his arch rival, Daniel Brulh's Niki Lauder back to the track after his catastrophic crash in Rush

Hugh Jackman's alpha dad discovers that his daughter has disappeared in Prisoners

But - in a film packed full of harrowing emotional punches - the scene that had me blubbing out loud in my local multi-plex was...

Chiwetel Ejiofor's Solomon Northup returns to the bosom of his family after 
12 Years a Slave and says quietly: 'I apologise for my appearance, but I have had a difficult time these past several years.'

So there you have it. The Oscars as they should be!! If you have any Oscar-worthy Romance Junkie Movie Moments from 2013 you want to share, stick em in the comments below!

Heidi Rice is currently working on a number of super sekrit projects, but if you want more romance-friendly movie musings check out her Harlequin POP book Movie Bliss: A Hopeless Romantic Seeks Movies to Love or for a shot of hot, wicked contemporary romance Heidi-style try her Cosmo Red Hot Read 10 Ways to Handle the Best Man. Or come chat to her on her website, her blog, Facebook or Twitter (@HeidiRomRice).

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