Monday, February 03, 2014

Male on Monday: Tom Burke

PHS Editor and Harlequin Historical author Michelle Styles continues her look at the men who make up The Musketeers. This week Tom Burke who plays Athos.

The Musketeers is rapidly becoming required Sunday night viewing in the Styles' household. It is very easy on the eye and has lots swash and buckle. it doesn't take itself too seriously either.  D'Artagan played by Luke Pasquano is obviously the hero but the Musketeers nearly steal every scene they are in. And Tom Burke who plays Athos (seen seated on the right) does this better than most. Your eyes is drawn to him. I suspect it has to do with his excellent acting technique.
Six foot tall Tom Burke was born Tom Liam Benedict Burke in 1981 and is the son of two actors -- David Burke and Anna Calder-Marshall. She played Cathy in the 1970 version of Withering Heights. His grandfather is Arthur Calder-Marshall. And his godfather is Alan Rickman.
Not being academically minded, he failed to get A levels but went to theater school and then on to RADA where he excelled. he won an award for his classic acting.
 He has been a busy working actor ever since he graduated, not out of work but not landing huge starring roles either. Athos is his first starring role. He said that the line in the book --Athos smiled but never laughed really brought the character alive for him.
His big acting heroes are James, Dean, Marlon Brando, James Cagney and Sally Field. He especially admires Field's ability to make emotion seem real. He is all about being there physically and vocally, much as an actor would be for a play. He tries to ensure that his ego does not get too much in the way of giving a good performance, according one interview I read.
There was very little about his private life so he obviously likes to keep it private.
I suspect he is an actor that we will be seeing more of.
This is a short interview with him.

And the Musketeers is really worth watching. After all swashbucklers are just good fun.
You can read an interview that Tom did for the BBC here

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  1. Tom Burke...yum yum. Like you, The Musketeers is the best thing on TV IMHO at the moment. Love it. Can't wait for "Return of the Viking Warrior" - Caroline x

  2. He was totally fanatstic in SUnday's episode. YOu have to love a tortured hero.