Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Figuring It Out: To Blog or Not To Blog

by Jennifer Faye

This time last year everything regarding being published was so bright, shiny and new to me. And the things I needed to do before my book hit the shelves went by in a blur. I tried my best to do what needed to be done. Some things turned out okay. Others well…no need to dwell on those. ;-)

2012 was a year of throwing as many things out there as I could and seeing what stuck. Trial and error is one the best ways to figure out what works for me. And one of those things I dipped my toes into was blogging. Hence the creation of my personal blog, Hearts & Scribbles.

I’ve been asked if I get a lot of benefit from blogging. I guess my answer would depend a lot on what the person means by benefit.

Can I see a direct correlation between my posts and sales? I’ll be honest. No, I can’t.

Can I see my subscriber list increasing over time? Most definitely.

Do all of those followers buy my books? I honestly doubt it, but one can wish. LOL.

Then why do I take the time to write posts or jot down recipes or keep track of the books I’m reading?  
Because I enjoy it.

Blogging isn’t all about the writing and selling of books. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a place to put up a fun post or share a really good recipe or share a thoughtful/amusing quote. But there are other times when I get excited about a discount on one of my books or a contest opportunity for readers and I want to share that information. A blog lets me do that.

Right now, I try to post three days a week (but alas not all weeks are normal, deadlines put me way off schedule). These are the normal type posts I do:

Monday Mayhem – for whatever might be going on in my life, writing or otherwise.

Wednesday Weigh-in or Recipe Roundup – these days there have been more recipes because with this last book deadline and the holidays, I totally fell off the fitness wagon. But no worries, I’ll climb back on there soon. ;-)

My Friday Reads – where I mention the wonderful books I’m reading.

All of my posts are a bit of give and take. It provides the reader some insights into the boring…umm, I mean ubber exciting life of this author. ;-) And the Wednesday and Friday posts keep me motivated with my exercise, dieting and reading. With so many things to do, it’s easy to get off track, but if I have a post to write, it adds incentive to get those things done so I have something to chat about.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of starting a weekly guest spot and wondering if any authors would be interested in dropping by to answer a few brief questions and to promote their latest release. But I haven’t had the nerve to open my mouth and ask anyone if they’d be interested.

How long will I continue to blog?

That’s easy to answer—until it’s no longer fun.

And that is my take on blogging. It’s a very personal choice. But if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. It will show. Use your energies in other ways that excite you—including writing your next book. As they say your next book is your best publicity.

As always, if you have questions for me or a topic you’d like me to discuss in a future month, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next month, I hope to see you around the net. J

Jennifer Faye’s March release, SAFE IN THE TYCOON'S ARMS, is available for pre-order now! Online at Amazon, Amazon-UK & B&N as well as other locations. She’d love to hear from readers. You can contact her via her website.


  1. I like the idea of posting topics on certain days. The reader knows what to expect and can look forward to the topics.

    At one point, I had a quote day on my blog and may have to bring that back again because (as you said) I enjoyed it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Barbara. :-) Thanks for stopping by and chatting.

      I think the topics work not only for the reader but the writer as it streamlines things. But you'll notice that I have Mayhem Monday and that's a catch-all for me. Whatever is going on then or whatever is on my mind goes into that post.

      And then of course there are Tuesday and Thursday for misc. info or a quote of the day. ;-) And Saturday and Sunday for updates. But the wkend is optional.

    2. Sounds like it works to add flexibility, too. I like that! ;)

    3. There's definitely flexibility in my posting schedule. I'd never be able to do it otherwise. Not with publishing deadlines taking priority. ;-)

  2. It is fun to blog isn't it Jennifer?! Equally as enjoyable as reading other blogs I think. I too try to put up a few posts every week/month on my own blog. I noticed that in times of stress I'm a bit inconsistent. But I still think about blogging all the time because I like it a lot.
    Doesn't really matter how many or, if any people come by & check out a post or a bunch of your pictures. You get to see it yourself, in a very nice way. Before my blog I also wrote in a diary or notebook & later scratched out stuff. On a blog that's a lot easier to do ;)
    When you get a nice response from someone (you don't know), it can make you smile and turn your day into one of the happy kind :D Your Friday reads sound great, will have to check them out, always looking for new books to add to my wishlist.

    1. Hi. Yes, it is fun to blog. And I too enjoy reading blogs. There's so much useful/entertaining information floating around out there. And yes, the responses are great! And can put a smile on my face. Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

  3. From MarcieR

    The one thing I will take away from this is: do it because it's fun for you not to do it to please others.

    I love the idea of quotes, but doesn't that take time to find them? Wouldn't there be too many to choose from?

    1. Hi Marcie. You are definitely taking away the right message...blog because it's fun. If it's not, find some other format that makes you happy. :-)

      Everything I post takes time...especially the recipes. Because I cook without recipes and just do my own thing. So I have to take notes as I go along and actually measure things. LOL. And take pictures. So when it comes to finding quotes to use, well, that doesn't take me nearly as much time.

      And yes, there are tons of quotes to choose from. That's part of what makes them so great. It's like a treasure trove of thoughtful comments. ;-)

  4. I think of blogging as a way to connect with people...I post once a week, and often it's something I saw while walking down the street or while channel surfing. Sometimes, the topic popped into my head as I'm waiting for the computer to kick in.

    1. Hi Angela. I agree at that the basic reason for blogging is a way to connect with people. I just want to have fun while doing it or else I think the readers will notice when it becomes a chore. I hope it never becomes that for me. ;-)

      I like the way you come up with your blog topics. It's very free feeling. Good idea. :-)

      Speaking of blogging I need to go type up my recipe for tomorrow's post...