Thursday, January 09, 2014

Write Away with Jeannie Watt - Resolutions Anyone?

Are you a resolution person?

I waver back and forth. Some years yes, some years no. This year is a resolution year. I made four—two of which are keepers, the other two are hopers. I figure this way, if I keep two of them, I’ll  won’t feel so bad about the other two. And who know? Perhaps success will be contagious and I’ll keep all four.

Resolutions I will keep:

1) Be productive.  I’m not only talking about writing, although I resolve to write at least two books. I plan to be productive in other areas of my life. I think it’s healthy to work different parts of the brain, so if something becomes a chore, I'll shift gears. At the moment I have no deadlines, so I'm free to indulge in various forms of creativity. Right now I'm knitting a scarf and making a 1940s shirtwaist dress.

2) Lose the weight. I know, I know…this is everyone’s resolution, but two years ago I took off 15 lbs. (starting in January 2011) and kept them off until this past December when I cut back on my exercise. I’m going to take off the pounds that have crept back on and I know I can do this. My goal date is February 28. I will not break out the fat pants.

Resolutions I mean to keep, but….you know….

1) Spend more time on Facebook. More than my weekly post (on a good week). I read my newsfeed, but I’m awful at posting. I have no idea what to say. Truly, I am a blogger at heart, but I want to be more of a Facebook presence.

2) Sort my closet and donate the stuff I’m not using.  I usually start this task with the best of intentions, then get bogged down in memories and what-if’s and end up abandoning ship and making a cup of tea. I do make some headway every now and then, but I need to be more like my city-apartment dwelling daughter who tries to donate something for every new thing she buys. 

So that’s where I am. Two serious and two I hope to accomplish.  Did you make any resolutions?

Harlequin Superromance author Jeannie Watt lives in rural Nevada and writes fast-paced, character driven stories set in the western United States.   To find out more about Jeannie and her books, please visit her website


  1. Hi Jeannie, I usually make resolutions. The basic: lose weight and exercise, de-clutter, get more done (aka waste less time). Although through the years my efforts have been less than stellar.
    This year I decided to make goals. I took an online goal-setting course and even though it was a week-long class, I'm going on three weeks still working on them. In the class we learned there is usually one goal that makes all your other goals achievable. Guess what mine turned out to be? Lose weight and exercise. I realized how important health and well-being is to being able to achieve all you want to do.
    I'm sure you will complete all your resolutions, even the hopefuls.

  2. Excellent information, Christy. In my case, too, weight and exercise make all the difference in everything. It's hard to sit in a chair and write for hours if you back hurts because the muscles are weak, etc. I guess I think of my resolutions more as goals, too.

  3. Dear Jeannie, Thank you for your blog. A couple of years ago, I decided that if something was important to start that I should start it that day rather than waiting for Jan. 1. I try to do it when I get the idea if it's important enough to incorporate into my life. Even so, there are a couple things I always try to do more regularly starting with the 1st: floss every day, stop bad habits. Good luck with your resolutions.

  4. I've also got cleaning the closet out (and all other cupboards in my apartment) on my list for this year too - it's scary how quickly one accumulates things! Good luck with your resolutions :)