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Male on Monday:Josh Hutcherson

PHS editor and Harlequin Historical author Michelle Styles examines the appeal of Josh Hutcherson (aka Peeta in the Hunger Games series)

Are you team Peeta or team Gale? Should Katniss Everdeen go for the pretend boyfriend who saved her life and is far more socially aware/charming or should she go for the would be boyfriend at home who kept her family alive? I knew who I wanted her to be with ever since I stayed up far too late reading the Hunger games in Berlin when at the first LoveLetter Convention and then downloaded the other two books to see if Collins had made the same decision as I had.
Note: I was proved right and cried at the end.

Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta in the Hunger Games series -- a boy who wears his heart on his sleeve and who has to grow up very fast. The ultimate nice guy hero. He is a bit short (5' 5 3/4") but can act. And he really brought the role to life.

 Although born in Kentucky in 1992, he and his family moved to LA when he was four so he could pursue all acting opportunities. Among other thigns, he played the hero in Polar Express.  His break through role came in Bridge to Terabithia. But it was really the Hunger Games which capulted him to international stardom.
He has several dogs and cats, and a younger brother. As you might expect from someone who is 21, he has a lot of interests -- rock climbing, songwriting, competing in trialthons and basketball.

Because two of his uncles died of AIDS, he is an outspoken champion for gay rights. He doesn't believe in putting labels on people. He works closely with the group Straight but Not Narrow.  He has been linked to a number of female co-stars, including most recently Jennifer Lawerence (they both hail from Kentucky). But he is only 21. Why is that movie stars are supposed to settle down/be linked with someone when they are young?

After Catching Fire, there are two more Hunger Games movies before the questions of Team Peeta v Team Gale is answered but you can always find out the answer by reading the books. (Do have a box of tissues handy). The official website can be found at

Josh Hutcherson's official website is at

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