Monday, December 09, 2013

Male on Monday: Tom Mison + giveaway

Harlequin Historical author Amanda McCabe waxes lyrical about her latest inspiration -- Tom Mison and one comentator will be sent a signed copy of her latest book.

Male on Monday With Amanda McCabe

   I was so excited to land a Monday blog here, because I have oodles of folders with handsome hunk pics!  I am a very visual writer.  I like to make Pinterest boards and cork boards in my office with pics of heroes and heroines, clothes, houses, carriages, gardens, anything that could help me imagine the world of my characters.  It's a lot of fun!  Maybe just an excuse to procrastinate about actually NOT writing, but very essential...

            My latest writing muse came along too late for Emma and David in Running From Scandal (they were actually inspired by the great screwball comedies of the 1930s, where madcap heroines teach straitlaced heroes how to have fun!), but I think he is a good all-purpose inspiration.  Tom Mison, aka Ichabod Crane from my new favorite show, Sleepy Hollow!  I mean—just look at him.  Yum. 

            Here are just a few swoony Ichabod moments that make me think he is a perfect romance novel hero:

--The time he was baffled by electric coffee makers, and by the water in the shower (plus—shower scene!)

--The time he was indignant about the tax on donut holes

--The time he schooled the Paul Revere tour guide

--The time he made the OnStar guide cry

--The time he spoke Middle English (I could have watched that all night...)

--The time he was tempted by Internet porn (and declared he was “espoused to another”!)

--The time he couldn't open the plastic containers

--The colonial-style heckling at a baseball game

--The time he slurped the straw to annoy Abbie

--The first time he called Abbie by her first name.  And the time he said “All we really get is each other.”  Swoon!

--The times when he's all dignified—and the times he goes medieval on some supernatural evil creature and turns unhinged....

   I could go on and on, but I need to go re-watch an episode of Sleepy Hollow now!  Are you watching the show??  What's your favorite TV inspiration?  (One commenter wins a signed copy of Running From Scandal!  For more info visit me at


  1. LOVE Sleepy Hollow, and LOVE Tom Mison! He is the find of the season, isn't he? This is his first starring role, but I highly recommend his portrayal of Mr. Bingley in the 2008 mini-series "Lost in Austen" - he is beyond adorable!

  2. I also love Tom Mison in Sleepy Hollow, can't believe I didn't remember him from 'Lost in Austen'! Love Ichabod's rant on the fact he had to pay for bottled water :). Just wish they would give him some new clothes, his uniform is looking somewhat tattered now.


  3. I must confess that I don't watch much TV. Tom is a swoon worthy guy though. I do watch Dancing With the Stars and all the male dancers cause an increase in my heart rate.

  4. It took me a few episodes to even realize he had been Bingley!! He looks totally different now--yummy both ways, though :)

    Kaelee, I was so sad Maks was not on this season of DWTS! His brother is not so bad, either

    1. Yes ~ Maks was my favorite and my sister's favorite is Toni. I started watching the show because she liked it so much. It gives us something to talk about other than her family.

  5. Cute post, Amanda. I have to admit, I do not watch Sleepy Hollow. I always look forward to your books. :-)

  6. I just discovered this show 3 weeks ago and had to catch up on On Demand. That was not a problem at all. I love his accent and his manner. Looks like I am not the only one. Only 2.5 hours until tonight's episode. :D

  7. Marcie R

    He is definitely swoon-worthy. Those eyes...that accent...

    I don't really have a TV inspiration, I'm too busy wiping drool from my chin!

  8. I'm really enjoying him as Ichabod Crane and I remember most of the incidents you cited; they were really funny/swoon-worthy. I didn't think I'd like the series at first but I think the writing is good and the main characters and the actors who portray them are fantastic. I haven't missed many episodes!

  9. Mison's a fantastic actor and very swoon worthy. The voice as well is a huge draw. The actor's a lovely guy in real life which is an added attraction

  10. I loved the episode where he had the McDonald's bag and said that it was not like any Scottish meal he'd ever eaten. Also when he explained about egg nogg last night.