Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Learning Curve of the New Author

October was an interesting month for me.

First, my second release, SNOWBOUND WITH THE SOLDIER, hit store shelves. I cannot tell you how excited I was about that. As that story was very special to me. And I was very touched by the reader mail I received. I was reminded of how wonderful, thoughtful and giving both readers and writers can be. I thank you all for the support.

But also in October, I’d backed myself into a corner writing wise. I had a book deadline at the end of the month and I wasn’t about to miss it. So I basically didn’t do much else during the month but attend the blog tour for SNOWBOUND WITH THE SOLDIER and write and edit. It was a long tough month. But in the end, I made it…with some help from my family and friends who supported me and kept me on track.

With each new book, I learn something new about my process and about writing. I find it fun and invigorating. The process for writing each book is never the same. It’s always new experience.
And I’ve just completed my revisions for book #4, as of yet it is officially untitled. I still have to type up the changes (yes, I do my revisions long-hand) and do a final read. But my editor is out of the office this week so I’ve pushing off finishing it up and instead have been writing the draft for book #5 with Mr. Sexy Accent as my heroine refers to him. ;-) It will be a Christmas romance and I’m very excited about it. That’s one thing that never changes, the excitement of diving into a new story.

The one thing I’ve really enjoyed about working with Harlequin Romance is they get me to stretch my wings instead of staying with things I know or what I’m comfortable with. So far I’ve written about a rancher, a soldier, a businessman, and a hedge fund manager. And my next hero is a prince. *dreamy sigh* And my settings have gone from the U.S. Southwest to the east coast and then abroad. So these books are a ton of fun to write. Diversity can be a little scary, but it really does pay off in so many exciting ways.

Finally I am very honored to mention that RANCHER TO THE RESCUE was nominated for RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best First Series!

And SNOWBOUND WITH THE SOLDIER has been nominated for RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award for Harlequin Romance!

If I missed something you’re interested in, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer.

Jennifer Faye’s second release, SNOWBOUND WITH THE SOLDIER, is available NOW! both in stores and online at Amazon & B&N. She’d love to hear from readers. You can contact her via her website.


  1. Congrats on yoru double nomination! I am so v proud of you!

    1. Thanks so much! I was very touched by the nominations. :-)

  2. I loved Snowbound with Soldier and am looking forward to your next book!

    1. Thanks so much! I am thrilled that you enjoyed Snowbound. :-)

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