Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pets and Their Authors with Valerie Hansen

The Pink Heart Society welcomes Love Inspired author Valerie Hansen and her lovable lab Lucy!

Meet my Lucy. She had no name when I rescued her at the age of 2 and was going home with me to become a companion for "Charlie Brown", so Lucy seemed like the right name to give her. Charlie, the chocolate lab, is now eighteen and Lucy is about four. Getting her to hold still for a picture with him was more a happy accident than anything I did! She's a bundle of energy most of the time. She's also my shadow and the special blessing God placed in my life at just the right time - and it all came about because of a Love Inspired Suspense I was writing. In EXPLOSIVE SECRETS, April 2013, the hero has a bomb-sniffing black lab with PTSD. Yes, dogs get it too. And although I didn't know it when I brought her home, Lucy also had problems. She hadn't been socialized as a puppy and was afraid of everything, even people. In order to help her, I had to let her stay in the house with me pretty much all the time, even while I wrote, which is something that usually captures my full concentration.

It didn't happen instantly, but as time went by, Lucy got better. She's still wary around strangers, which is not a bad trait as long as she comes to protect me instead of running away. She and I bonded in an amazing way. She rests under my desk or nearby while I work, BUT, she won't let me sit too long without taking a break. That bothered me until my husband mentioned that she was good for my health. By making me move regularly she kept me from becoming too sedentary. Besides, she's fun and everybody can use a break, even an obsessive writer like me.
Looking back, I can see how, even though I didn't know it when I adopted her, I desperately needed Lucy in my life. And if I had not been asked to participate in a continuity about working dogs and been assigned a black lab as the hero's dog, I might never have added her to my family when I did.
Since then I've also written COZY CHRISTMAS which is a Dec. Love Inspired and will be in stores soon. That book is a whole other story of self-discovery. I used to say I'd rather have a root canal than write a Christmas book, yet here it is, and once again I learned a lot about myself and about life. I've
already completed 3 more books for 2014 and have one more to go, plus a digital-only offering that will be free in the spring of 2014 and should be pretty easy to find by looking at the Love Inspired section of the Harlequin site. Now, all I have to do is WRITE IT!
Gotta go. Lucy says it's time to play fetch.

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  1. I love Lucy! I couldn't resist that but charlie brown is a very handsome fellow as well.