Monday, November 04, 2013

Male on Monday: Matt Bomer inspiration

Harlequin Desire author Andrea  Laurence finds Matt Bomer inspirational.
Hey, everyone. I’m excited to be here to talk about my latest book — A BEAUTY UNCOVERED, to share one of my favorite males and give you some inspiration to perk up your Monday. There’s nothing quite like a sexy man to help you forget how many more days you have until the weekend!
Before I published, I never really had an exact image of my heroes in my mind. I knew their hair and eye color, but I didn’t say “my inspiration for this hero is George Clooney.” I wanted the reader to come up with a sexy image in their mind without my influence on it. And honestly, I really only had a vague picture myself – tall, well-built, square jaw, piercing eyes... you know how it goes. Once I published and had to start submitting art fact sheets to help the cover artists, I changed that and quickly. They want not only a description, but pictures. After trolling websites for modeling agencies and trying to come up with images after the book was done, I decided to start flipping it around and come up with the hero first.

Pinterest helped. When I’m starting a book, I setup a new board for it. Once I determine who my hero and heroine are, I pin pictures, settings, etc. to the board. I have fun looking for the dress my heroine wears to the party, the car the hero drives, the beach house they stay in...and then it’s all on my Pinterest board. That way I know up front what I want and my AFS is a snap. I literally just send them the link to the board! If you visit my Pinterest page, you’ll find yummy pictures of Henry Cavill (inspiration for Liam Crowe, A VERY EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT), Sam Worthington (inspiration for Wade Mitchell, UNDENIABLE DEMANDS), Ryan Reynolds (inspiration for Alex Stanton, MORE THAN HE EXPECTED) and a slew of upcoming heroes including Joe Mangianello (HIS LOVER’S LITTLE SECRET)

and Kellan Lutz (BACK IN HER HUSBAND’S BED).

Man, I love my work...
When I was writing my latest book, A BEAUTY UNCOVERED, I knew exactly who I had in mind for Brody Eden. Dark hair, bright blue eyes, charming smile... Matt Bomer all the way. Collecting pictures of him to stare at when I got stuck on a plot point was very nice. He might actually be my favorite man to look at. This picture below is my favorite I was really disappointed with Magic Mike, not only because the plot sucked and kept interfering with the dancing, but because there was very little half-naked, grinding Matt Bomer and his character was a skeezy drug dealer. As it was, I just had to be happy with the wet pictures of him that came out in Entertainment Weekly magazine before the movie was released.

The cover that the art department came up with is posted below. I think it actually looks Bomer-ish. The most important part is that he was turned away from the reader. I was worried he wouldn’t be. Because I’m twisted, I took the most beautiful man I could find and had his father pour battery acid on his face when he was a child. Brody Eden is a tortured, grouchy, reclusive billionaire... and (minor spoiler alert)...a virgin! I just want to eat him up with a spoon.
A beastly boss is tamed in this Secrets of Eden book from Andrea Laurence…
CEO Brody Eden is a loner. The brooding billionaire has secrets that he refuses to unveil to anyone…until he meets his new assistant, Samantha Davis. She’s temptation personified, and she’s sitting right outside his door.
Samantha’s never met a man as guarded—and gorgeous— as Brody. She doesn’t want to fall for her boss, but there’s something about Brody…. Beneath his gruff manner, Sam senses tenderness—and an intense passion waiting to be unleashed. And she’ll make it her mission to enter his lair… and his bed. (Note the PHS editors thought Andrea's cover was so inspirational that it has been posted twice. Truly blessed by the cover fairy)

So tell me, do you want to know the inspiration for a hero when you’re reading a book or do you prefer to let your own imagination go wild?

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