Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Writers Wednesday: Scarlet Wilson - Writing a Christmas Story

Christmas is my favourite time of year.  From my Christmas tree which seems to look squint every year.

To the Christmas 'tat' I can't help buy every year.  For example..... 2012...
And London 2013......
To the little things I just picked up in Marks and Spencer the other day....
So, it probably wouldn't surprise you if I told you I like nothing better than a good Christmas book.  I love settings with snow, Santa, Christmas decorations and descriptions of Christmas smells.
I've written two Christmas books now and have another to write for next year.  Both my books have been set in Glasgow, so I'm thinking of going elsewhere for my next Christmas story.
But let me tell you a little thing about Christmas stories.  Because of the nature of publishing it's highly likely you'll not be able to write your Christmas story at Christmas time.
How can you hear all those Christmas tunes, imagine smells and advent calendars once the season has past?  Or worse, in the middle of summer?
It can be very, very hard.  So hard, that I usually try and at least start my Christmas story at some point in the season of goodwill.  Even if it can't be completed!
This year my schedule looks as if my Christmas book can't begin until January.  But I'm going to try and write my other book quickly so I've still got a chance to soak up some of the Christmas spirit - or alcohol at least!

A real hero to save her heart this Christmas…
Being reunited with her childhood sweetheart is quite a surprise for paediatric consultant Jessica Rae. Especially as the boy she once knew is now a sinfully sexy, lifesaving firefighter! Even now, single dad Callum Kennedy still makes her heart go boom—something this grieving doctor thought never again possible….
For Callum and his gorgeous son, Drew, Jessica could be just what this heartbroken little family needs. And he'll do anything to convince her that he's just what she needs, too…starting with a heart-stopping Christmas kiss!

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