Monday, October 14, 2013

Male On Monday:Inspiration

  Harlequin Romance and Entangled Indulgence author Barbara Wallace reveals the inspirations for the heroes of The Billionaire's Matchmaker

For this week’s Male on Monday, I turned to some friends for help.  Shirley Jump, Jackie Braun, Susan Meier and I have an anthology out entitled The Billionaire’s Matchmaker.  I asked each lady who they would cast as their hero if (when) we sell the movie rights.  Here’s what they had to say.  Warning: Extreme sexiness to follow!

Shirley Jump: My perfect actor for my hero, T.J. Shepherd, in “Driving Mr. Wrong Home,” the first story in The Billionaire’s Matchmaker, would have to be Ben Affleck. I love the way he can both charm a woman and protect her from the villain at the same time. It helps that he hails from my native Massachusetts, too! I think he’s just a real guy—with a real heart that he shows in his work and in his personal life. He would be a perfect match for T.J., who is the same hometown guy he always was at heart, regardless of the changes that wealth has brought to his life


Susan Meier: Taylor Kinney was my inspiration for Dell O'Neil from “The Sheriff’s Secret”. l. I just love a guy who has eyes that draw you in and Taylor's are perfect. Nice abs and muscled shoulders don't hurt either. In Chicago Fire, he plays a character who doesn't really want to settle down. Yet, when the right girl comes along, you just know he's going to fall and fall hard. That was exactly how I saw Dell. Fooling himself into believing he was perfectly content -- happy even -- alone, but when the right girl came along, bam. He was in love. :)


Jackie Braun: If I were lucky enough to cast an actor in the role of Gideon Roth, my hero in “Love Unleashed”,  It would be Josh Lucas. I developed a serious crush on the man several years ago when he starred opposite Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. I loved that movie...and he's half the reason why. Lean abs, gorgeous eyes, a sexy mouth and let's not forget that unhurried swagger. Gah! Excuse me while I fan myself.

 So, yeah, Josh Lucas would be perfect as my hero, the patient, if frustrated Gideon Roth, who is on the verge of leaving Chandler's Cove for good unless the woman he loves finally learns to trust him.


Barbara Wallace: As for me, I found the inspiration for Nicholas Bonaparte, my hero from “Love in the Shadows” in two actors.   White Collar’s Matt Bomer has the perfect amount of edgy sex appeal.  With his dazzling blue eyes and perfect features, he’s everything you’d want in a billionaire tycoon.  The other actor  is JR Martinez, Dancing with the Stars champion.  His courage and determination to overcome his injuries has a sexiness all its own.  Merge these two men together, and you’ve got yourself Nicholas Bonaparte.


Finally, who exactly is the Billionaire’s Matchmaker? His name is Charlie.  And while he’s not sexy, he’s damn adorable.  If Eddie from the TV Show Fraiser was still alive, he’d be fit the role perfectly!



Barbara Wallace writes for Harlequin’s Romance line and Entangled Indulgence.  The Billionaire’s Matchmaker is her latest release.


Can a feisty four-legged matchmaker help four best friends find the romance of their dreams?

The Billionaire's Matchmaker from Entangled Indulgence

Available For Kindle; For Nook; For Kobo


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