Monday, October 21, 2013

Male on Monday: the NCIS dilemma

Gibbs or DiNozzo?  Which one is your favourite?

Don't tell me you haven't heard of NCIS - it apparently has 21 million viewers an episode and is currently in Season 11.

Why?  Because of these two lovelies.

Mark Harmon (sigh, he's married to Mindy from Mork and Mindy fame) who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs
And Michael Weatherly who plays Tony DiNozzo
Okay, Michael looks a bit orange in this photo, but forgive him as his wife had just had their baby and he put this snap on twitter.

It's hard to choose between these two.  I fell in love with Mark Harmon when he was on West Wing and was CJ's boyfriend who got shot at a store hold up saving other people.  Michael Weatherly first came to my attention as Logan Cole in Dark Angel, but it's this role he's really blossomed in.

Leroy is a sincere, brooding man who lost his 1st wife and daughter after they were murdered by a Mexican drug dealer.  He's married and divorced three times since then, with poor choice in women.

He would do anything for his colleagues and often bends rules for his friends.

Tony DiNozzo film buff is the light entertainment part of the programme, with lots of the best lines.  Or is he?  Because Tony has had a few close shaves with some of his female colleagues who he has obviously loved dearly. (Though we've always known this long before Tony).  Kate was killed and Ziva has just had to disappear into countries afar.

The writing in NCIS is some of the best out there.  The characterisation is spot on. 
The story lines can at times be chilling, but the dialogue (where the mantra less is definitely more) keeps this series still sparkling at over 200 episodes.

So pick your favourite - because I can't!

A real hero to save her heart this Christmas…
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  1. It's hard to pick, but I do have a soft spot for loveable rogues - and that's definitely Tony!

  2. It just makes me happy to look at Jethro and DiNozzo. ;) I'm a longtime fan of Mark Harmon, though, so I've got to go with Gibbs.

    And I have to give a shout-out to Tim and Ducky--I love my nerdy brainiacs!

    Love the show!

  3. I still can't choose - I keep going between them! Love the show too xx

  4. Mark/Jethro does it for me! So just want to get under his skin...;) Caroline x

  5. I can't choose either. I LOVE Tony's deeper side, and it's highlighted all the more brilliantly by juxtapositioning it with his smart ass side. I was horrified a few seasons ago when Gibbs left for a bit and Tony took over the team, but his leadership qualities came to the surface and I LOVED him for that.

    Gibbs is just... sigh. Tough on the outside, marshmallow on the inside. He's the perfect hero. Conflicted, principled, hard, but wonderful with kids... I like when we get to see his soft side - when he protects his team, when he kisses Abs on the cheek.

    NCIS is one of my favorite shows ever.

  6. For me it's 100% Tony/ Michael <3
    I love him sooo much :D