Monday, October 28, 2013

Male on Monday: The The Smart Guy

This week Donna Alward visits with a Male on Monday that's a little different...where brains and a sense of humor make a deadly combination of sexiness!

I spent DAYS trying to think of a Male on Monday inspiration that I hadn't used before or that someone else hadn't used and I kept coming up blank. And then I thought of some unlikely candidates and I realized that perhaps a photo doesn't really do their sexiness justice.  Because really...sometimes it *is* about more than the washboard abs and tight buttocks and big shoulders (sometimes, not always). Sometimes it's simply about a look they share with their love interest - when they're flirting, when things are heating up, when they're arguing, when they're laughing. Those looks are really what lure me in.

I got thinking about the shows that I watch each week and realized that one of my favorite male characters of all time is Will McAvoy from THE NEWSROOM.

Will's played by Jeff Daniels, who was born in 1955 and makes him 58 years old. Not really the 20-30-ish buff type often found in this column. But he's smart, witty, and we know he feels things deeply even though he comes across as harsh every now and again. Of course, I love Will even more because he has the benefit of Aaron Sorkin's writing and musical dialogue. When his boss Charlie confronts him about an unfortunate article in a gossip mag, Will insists that HE was the one fending off advances but more importantly he was "fighting the good fight." When Charlie asks what that is, Will says he's on a "Mission to Civilize". Charlie asks how it's going. Will responds, "Progress is slow but I'm in it for the long haul." Here's the clip:

Will has principles. He has wit. And he has incredible intelligence and all that is extremely sexy. His producer also broke his heart and so while they know each other better than anyone in the world and it makes for a great news show, it's difficult on a personal level. Chemistry and conflict - yay! For a good slice of what I love about Will McAvoy (and The Newsroom), watch this clip. (Language Warning). Other than the first scene from the pilot episode, it's my favorite 7 minutes of the entire series.

It wasn't a big stretch to go from Will McAvoy to another Aaron Sorkin creation: Josh from THE WEST WING. Josh is goofy, but he's smart. He holds things together. Brad Whitford isn't your classic hottie. He's the funny guy next to Rob Lowe's slightly anal but very good looking Sam Seaborn. And yet there's something amazing about Josh that made him possibly the most popular character on that show and smart enough to make him Chief of Staff. Of course, the tension between Josh and his assistant Donna kept people tuning in too. One of my favorite clips is when he's about to get a phone call blasting him and Toby and Sam are trying to buck him up and prepare him. His response to the phone call is classic Josh:

But sometimes intelligence, wit AND good looks all come into play, so I'm going to leave you simply with this: Tony Stark. Rich, genius, smart ass, and looking like this.

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