Thursday, September 05, 2013

Setting the Scene with Kira Sinclair

Blaze Author Kira Sinclair confesses about her approach to settings


Okay, I’m going to confess something to y’all.  Scene and setting are two things I struggle with as a writer.  It’s not that I don’t think they’re important…I just tend to be a character driven writer and most of the time adding background and place is something I have to remind myself to do when I’m going through revisions.


However, that wasn’t really the case in my latest Blaze – The Devil She Knows.  Mostly because the book is set in Sweetheart, South Carolina, a town I’ve come to know quite well since this is the third book set in my quiet southern town.


I’ve always been drawn to small southern towns, also going probably since I live in one.  I know the people – crazy, quiet, loud and proud – almost as well as I know my own family.  I might not’ve been born southern, but I’ve definitely embraced the experience.  And, really, wouldn’t change it for anything. 


There’s something comforting about knowing there’s a group of people at your back whenever you need them.  They might pick on you, constantly remind you of every idiotic decision you ever made (especially when you were a teenager), but they’re also the people who pick you up when you need a hand and rejoice at your greatest joys. 


Sweetheart is known for being the kind of town that most people would want to live in.  Friendly, supportive, idyllic…although sometimes too much so.  They’ve built a thriving tourist industry on providing a quaint setting and experience that serves as the perfect backdrop to love.  They host a week long celebration around Valentine’s Day and welcome brides and grooms from all over to get married in their breathtaking town square.


Love is everything in Sweetheart, which can sometimes make it difficult when Happily Ever After is hard to find.


Willow Portis tries extra hard to be the good girl of Sweetheart.  But the night of the Fall Masquerade, she steps out of her well-behaved shoes and into a supersexy angel costume.  And when she’s tempted by a stranger, she gives in!


Devlin Warwick has returned to Sweetheart, determined to show up the busybodies who ran him out of town ten years earlier.  Seducing Willow probably isn’t the best way to prove them wrong…


And there’ll be hell to pay when the masks come off and she realizes he’s a devil she knows!


Do you guys like reading books set in small towns?  Or do you prefer urban settings?  Do you think your own background effects what you like as a reader?
You lean more about Kira Sinclair and her Sweetheart South Carolina books on her website






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