Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Thoughts: AMBA 2013

A few of you might have heard of AMBA - the Association of Mills and Boon Authors and there is a lunch in London every year organised by the lovely Fiona Harper, Heidi Rice and Sharon Kendrick.

This year was spectacular.  Not least because the hotel we were booked in cancelled us just two weeks before the event!  But thanks to the lovely ladies mentioned above we got an even better event than before.

Now, all credit for photos goes to the lovely Kate Hardy, since my camera packed in and went all fuzzy.

So, 545am Scotland.  Drive in the dark to the airport.  Get lost only once.  Park in car park and heave a sigh of relief when the plane takes off in time.  Train from London City to Charing Cross Hotel.  "Oh, Miss Wilson, you've been upgraded to a suite," (at this point I tried to pretend this happened every day) "But it's not quite ready yet."  No problem.  I'll get changed in the ladies and collect the key to my "suite" later!!

Caroline Anderson, me, Kate Hardy and Jennifer Taylor
11am Royal Horseguards Hotel to meet the other medical authors!

1230 AMBA Lunch!!
Heidi Rice in the room where lunch was served!
Lunch was fabulous with Dianne Moggy from Canada answering lots of author questions from us all.

After lunch there was a quick dash to Fortnum and Mason's.  Last year I bought a beautiful Christmas Decoration that lasted around 10 minutes.  This year it has actually arrived home, along with some chocolates...

Then it was on to the Meridian Hotel for drinks with the Mills and Boon editors!

Stawberry Bellini's and they were delicious!
And strictly between friends.......I think I drank at least half of that tray!
One of the lovely things that happens at the Editors drinks sessions is that some authors get awards for the number of books that they've written.  Among those this year included 25 book pins for Kate Hewitt and Marguerite Taylor and a 75 book pin for medical author Jennifer Taylor!
Jennifer Taylor with her 75 book pin
Then, all of a sudden it got rather late.  I'm ashamed to say I had the chance to go somewhere fabulous and exciting with Abby Green, Kimberly Lang and Heidi Rice.  And what did I do???
I went back to the mega suite at my hotel.  My feet were killing me and I had cramp in my toes for two hours.  I did, however, jump on the bed!  The suite was gorgeous, but the reality was, it was wasted on me because I was too tired to appreciate it!

Then the next day it was a quick dash to Harrods and some lovely morning tea before heading for the train back to the airport!

I honestly didn't have a second to think straight.  I met fabulous new authors Michelle Smart and Sophie Pembroke.  I got a chance to catch up with Charlotte Phillips, Fiona Harper, Heidi Rice, Abby Green, Kimberly Lang.  I got to congratulate Sarah Morgan on being a double Rita winner.  I got a chance to talk to all the editors Sally Williamson, Laurie Johnson, Pippa Roscoe, Megan Haslam and Anna Baggaley.
And I can't wait until next year!!!!


  1. I've said it once but I love to rub it in... YOU SHOULD HAVE COME WITH US...

    Next time I'm not taking no for an answer. That said, you probably felt a lot better than me, Kim and Abby the next day.

    Heidi x

    PS: Don't talk to me about bloody strawberry bellinis!! Those things are lethal!

  2. I can't believe it was a week ago! Great pics and that suite looks gorgeous, I am well jealous. I also spent far too much at Fortnum and had a brilliant day. Thanks for the roundup x