Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pets and Their Authors: Cindy Kirk and a Give Away!

The Pink Heart Society is pleased to welcome Harlequin Special Edition author Cindy Kirk. Take it away, Cindy!

Whatever happened to my BIG poodle?

Years ago, I had a poodle.  Sugar was smart and loving with loads of personality.  When he died, we didn’t get another dog because our lives were super busy.

I always had in the back of my mind that when we got another dog, it would be a male and it would be a black standard-sized (or BIG as I preferred to think of them) poodle.

I’d watch people (usually women) with their beautiful BIG poodle and think, there goes my next dog.  Everyone I spoke with who owned a BIG poodle couldn’t imagine having any other breed.

My mind was made up. The time to act was approaching.  Then…

Ernie, a little black-and-white shih tzu came into our lives.  He’d been in a home with a westie and the two both wanted to be the dominant dog.  They fought and Ernie was badly injured.  The vet suggested one of the dogs find a new home.  That new home was ours. 
Ernie quickly became a much loved member of our household. We jokingly call him “King” Ernie because he likes his way and he likes being served.

I started thinking it might be nice to get a BIG poodle as a friend for Ernie.  Then…

Shug, a blue heeler wandered onto our property.  Someone had tired of having a dog made for the country in the city and chose to just drop him off on the outskirts of town.  Ernie decided Shug could stay because Shug agrees Ernie is the King.

Two dogs are a lot but not as much when you live in the country.  I still held out hope of getting my BIG poodle.
Then my husband heard about a little dorkie (dachshund-yorkie mix) who was being kept in a crate almost 24/7.  A woman had moved out-of-state leaving Chico behind with her mother, who didn’t want him.  Or as she so eloquently put it--she “hated” him.  And once again there was room at the Inn, er our house, for another. 

King Ernie liked him.

Shug, who doesn’t like most other animals, liked him.

Just like that, Chico became one of the boys.

Sometimes I still think about that BIG poodle.  But then I look at the faces of our three “boys,” I know that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How about you?  Do you feel you’ve had an animal that was “meant” to be your boy or girl?
I’m giving away a copy of my upcoming release, “One Night With The Doctor” to a winner drawn from everyone who comments.

Let me also shout out a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s bought my books and posted a good review.  I appreciate your support!


  1. Hi, Cindy! Loved hearing about how you adopted all your dogs. I used to have three dogs, too--isn't it wonderful having all those welcome home wags and doggie smiles?

  2. Oh - I'm sorry you haven't (yet) got your BIG poodle, but it sounds like King Ernie, Shug & Chico totally lucked out in adopting your family!

    Here's a morning smile for any other dog lovers out there (and the cat texts are funny too.)

    I love the cover of One Night with the Doctor - they look like real people and I can feel the love for that unborn baby. I'm sure the book will be even better than its cover - so I'm looking forward to reading it!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind comments about the cover and the link. I hope you enjoy the book.

  3. I have two cats right now. All of the 7 cats who have lived with my husband and I have been rescues. 3 were adopted from the humane society and 4 found us. My sister in law's cat died from old age a few months ago. We were in a pet store with 8 cats up for adoption and she said that all of cats over the years had found her. Taking her home that night we heard a meow from the sewer grate and rescued a young female cat. She is a people cat and found my SIL.

    Our youngest cat was rescued from a tree at my sister's farm. All the great nieces and nephews wanted to take him home but none of their parents wanted a cat. We lucked out by default and the little guy fit in with our two older girls. He's very affectionate towards my husband and I but no one else ever sees him. He was meant to live with us.

    I love how you got your 3 dogs and wish you lots of joy with them.

  4. Kaelee, there's something special about rescue animals, whether they just show up or we get them from a shelter. I can tell your kitties are lucky to have you!

  5. When I was about 9 years old I desperately wanted a cat. Mom said it would be ok & we started looking. For some reason we didn't find a cat that would fit our family. Things came up, time passed and it was now 7 months later but still NO cat.

    Grandma took me to a hairsalon and the lady next to us started talking about her cat having 3 kittens in need of a home. We asked to see them. I spotted a big white kitten with grey spots, he was meant to be MY boy :) He followed me around 24/7, slept on the end of my bed, always wanted to be with me. This was the MOST loving animal I ever came across!

    Life wasn't easy for the next decade or so, but the big fluffy kitten. Grown into a massive cat of 8 kilo got me through it. I lost my boy many years ago, but rarely a day goes by that i don't think of him.

  6. My husband was allergic to dog/cat fur from Day 1 of our marriage. When we had kids, we got them a bunch of stuffed animals instead. When my daughter began babysitting, she saved $100 (12 years ago) and bought a huge dog from Toys R Us, which she still loves having today.
    About 8 years ago, my husband took a new medicine and his allergies (at least to dog fur) dissipated. We had neighbours watching their parents' Golden Retriever (picture in my avatar), so we brought the dog into our garage then house to see how my husband would react. Gradually we brought them both in contact with each other, and all seemed fine. We offered to dogsit said dog and ended up doing so several times, for a couple of months at a time while the parents taught English as a Second Language in China, all without any noticeable symptoms for my husband. Next we dogsat a mixed terrier breed for my daughter's girlfriend, followed by my badminton friend's golden retriever. The two goldens passed away and another one has been dogsat several times for the badminton friend. Our new neighbour has a St. Bernard, which we have dogsat a few times (and visit almost daily).
    So ... I think we were meant to be dog sitters instead of dog owners. At this stage in life, we can't afford our own dog, but we can share our love in this way instead.