Monday, September 09, 2013

Male on Monday: Matt Bomer plus giveaway

Harlequin Presents author Victoria Parker explains about the inspiration behind her latest hero

It’s wonderful to be back at the Pink Heart Society to celebrate the release of my second Modern Presents, ‘A Reputation To Uphold’. And what better day to introduce my second-chance-love-story than on Male On Monday - so I get to fall in love with my delicious brooding Italian, Dante Vitale, all over again.

Ah men in my life! Yes, there are many – lucky girl I am – all created from the very depths of my imagination. But perhaps my favourite so far is this delectable alpha business tycoon.

He’s filthy rich and outrageously handsome and every woman in the world is enticed by his dark magnetism. Of course we all need a little help with the visuals and my inspiration for the sullen brooder Vitale (after trawling through what felt like a million Italian hunks) came from non other than the American, Matt Bomer. Oh yeah!  White Collar anyone? Magic Mike?
This is Matt Bomer doing a tv guide photo shoot for White Collar.


As soon as I clapped eyes on a black-and-white shot – those cards flipping in the air – I had my man. Or should I say; I knew I had found Eva’s man. One look at that confident (and yeah, okay, a little arrogant) posture and I was melting. This guy screams ‘one day I will rule the world’ and that said everything about what Dante Vitale believes he wants and needs out of life. That is, until Eva St George rocks his world. This sweetheart has had a dire case of unrequited love for her older brothers best friend since she was 17 years old and she’s the only woman alive who can bring him to his knees.

Of course, there is no easy path for these two soul mates. He may be drool-worthy but he’s domineering, audacious and downright autocratic at times. He’s sullen and Oh Boy, savagely possessive too. Oh and did I mention he’s a fashion house genius with a sophistication that is sexy as hell?


But the one thing I truly adore about this man is who he is underneath. Broken. Lost. Craving something beyond his reach. I loved him best when his defences were crumbling and the yearning in his heart poured from the page. At those times he reminded me of shots like these. Open. Bare. Desperate for love.                       

I had the best time writing this story. I fell in love with Dante so many times that he is one hero I will never ever forget.

I’m giving away a signed copy to celebrate Reputation To Uphold hitting the shelves this month. All you have to do is leave a post and tell me; who is your favourite eye-candy inspiration right now? He can be from TV, the sports world or sitting on the couch right next to you. I’d love to hear from you! Winner will be drawn on the 16th of September.


  1. As always, George Clooney does it for me, followed closely by Mark Harmon. How is it that these two men, voted People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive through the years, keep getting better looking? Yum!

  2. Hi Laney, nice to 'see' you again! Ooo I adore George Clooney too. And I have a thing for Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr right now - another hotshot that wears age well :) Let me think of another... Oooo, my latest hero is Eva's brother, Finn St George and he's an F1 driver so I had a lot of fun sneaking peaks of the delicious Jenson Button - oh so hot!

    Thanks for posting Laney ;)


  3. Congratulations Victoria! So excited to see your second book come out and I LOVED it so much. Dante is to die for. :) That scene with Eva rummaging through the cupboards is still one of my favs. And that opening scene! Knocks your socks off. A great book!