Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Pink Heart Society!!!

Way back on 2 September 2006, the Pink Heart Society launched. This means PHS is now seven years old and still delivering great content which celebrates the authors and readers of category romance!
The editors would like to pay tribute to the PHS founders -- Trish Wylie, Nicola Marsh, Ally Blake and Natasha Oakley, in particular Trish for her vision. Also to former editors Donna Alward and Mira Lynn Kelly. We couldn't have done it without you all!!! Thank you again.

As the editors are about rejig things for 2014, we wanted to know if there is anything the readers would like to see more of....

Should we do a re-run of some of our more popular posts?
Should we be finding out inspiratoin for heroines as well as Males on Monday?
Should there be more Industry Insider posts?
More film reivews? BTw back in 2006, there were a lot more rom coms in the cinema. Now it seems to be all super heroes. But maybe that is just a perception.

We want to hear from you and here's to another fantastic year!!!

Male on Monday will be back next week.


  1. Congrats , more male Mondays, guest authors more more genres, more giveaways,thanks

  2. Happy Birthday, Pink Heart Society! A special thank you to the founders and original editors. We appreciate your fun, informative posts--and love how you are unabashed supporters of series romance!

    I share a lot of your Industry Insider/Craft/Business of writing posts with the newbies in my local writing chapter, and they're wonderful teaching tools. So I'd say more of those.

  3. I enjoy the peeks into writers' lives, such as their work spaces (my favorite) and pets.

  4. I am a reader only but I enjoy most of the posts. I confess that I don't always read the craft posts. However I do appreciate the value in them for an aspiring writer.

    I think a spot every once in a while for how the inspiration for the heroine came about would be interesting as well.

    I love call stories, author's pets and workplaces posts. Insights into the inspiration behind books is also fun.

  5. From MarcieR


    I like the Industry Insider since I am trying to be pubbed.

    I also love the writer work spaces.

    I do like the mix you ladies have and if a post doesn't interest me (like the cooking ones) I skip it.

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