Saturday, August 10, 2013

Write At Home Mom: When Summer Vacation Looms with Jackie Braun

Harlequin KISS/Modern Tempted aithor Jackie Braun explains how she juggles  her family and her writing career when vacation looms.
With just a little less than a month of summer vacation left for my two sons, I am currently working on the deadline from hell.
Trying to juggle full-time motherhood with full-time writing is difficult under the best of circumstances. With my two bundles of joy—now ages 8 and 13—underfoot 24/7, I sometimes think juggling a trio of buzzing chainsaws would be easier.
It’s my own fault. I turned in my last book late. Even with an extension on this one, I’m running behind.
I wish I could claim this a new or unique experience. Sadly, it's not.
Every summer I swear I will not stress out like this, trying to cram in writing along with family vacations, baseball games and the usual running around. Every summer I do. Just as every holiday season I wind up in the same boat, wrapping gifts in my office whenever I take a break from a book.
I am a working writer, after all. Deadlines come with the territory.
As a mother who works from home, kids also come with the territory, especially when school is out. And while I should love the fact that television and video games can entertain them for hours on end, I’m too responsible of a parent to allow technology to raise my boys. Besides, we have only one iPad and the squabbling that ensues over whose turn it is to use it is a major distraction.
Recently, my husband and I decided to put away the iPad for the rest of the summer. Daniel and Will are still holding out hope for a reprieve, but between their incessant arguing and some other groundable offenses, we'd had enough.

I was prepared for a slew of interruptions from my bored boys on weekdays as I attempt to write. It hasn’t happened. Will, who’s 8, has rediscovered his Legos. (The child has enough of them. I swear I suck up half a village every time I vacuum.)
As for Daniel, he turned 13 a couple months ago. If I don’t wake him, he could sleep till the afternoon. He also can eat his weight in honey buns and not gain an ounce. Oh, to have a teenaged boy’s metabolism.
It won’t be long and their summer vacation will end and I will have peace and quiet in my house once again. The only problem with that? I will have to find something else to blame when I am being unproductive.

Jackie Braun is the author of more than two dozen romance novels, including MUST LIKE KIDS. Her next book, a Harlequin KISS titled GREEK FOR BEGINNERS, will be out in September.


  1. LOL Jackie - My boy is 19 meaning I need a new excuse as well. Maybe I'll think of one while I'm "working" on the deck.

    Can't wait for Greek for Beginners!

  2. If u are intentionally vacuuming up legos get a shop vac it really handles lots of legos and other toys

  3. Great story! I also write down the things that I do after summer vacation. Glad that you shared your story too. Thanks for sharing.

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