Monday, August 26, 2013

Male on Monday: Aneurin Barnard

PHS editor Michelle Styles investigates Aneurin Barnard who recently sent pulses racing in The White Queen.

Aneurin Barnard as Richard III
Okay I was orignally going to do the safe choice of Max Irons who played King Edward in The White Queen but then two things happened.
1. I read an interview with Max Irons and he wants to be a character actor, rather than the next Robert Pattinson. Max is Jeremy Irons's and Sinead Cusack's son and therefore part of Cusack acting dynasty.  Plus he is a bit sunny for my taste.
2. The White Queen finished and being a Richardian, I was delighted to see that Anuerin Barnard played a hugely sexy Richard III. He just was. Oh and he can act, and he does brooding wonderfully well. From the point in which he rescues Anne until his death, he is great. You can see why his niece Elizabeth fell in love with. But thankfully the production still had him being loyal to Anne.  I love the romance of the Anne/Richard story -- how he rescued her when his brother and her sister would have had her fortune and how he married her without the king's permission. Okay there were sound financial reasons for doing so but...

Born in Wales in May 1987, Barnard's first language is Welsh.  He went to the Royal College of Music and Drama and can sing. He graduated in 2008. He is 5' 9", dark haired and very hooded eyes. Being Welsh means he has a wonderful accent btw.

He was considered one of the 55 upcoming Hollywood faces in 2010 and won a Olivier for Best actor in a Musical for his lead role in Spring Awakening.

In addition to Richard III, he is playing Darnley in the new movie of Mary Queen of Scots and he plays the lead in  the tv series of Moonfleet (which was a great book and so fingers crossed it is a cracking adventure.)

His private life is presumably private.
You can follow him on  twitter  at
And there is also a tumblr site dedicated to him.


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