Thursday, August 22, 2013

Let's Get Honest

Harlequin Intrigue author Angi Morgan takes over the column duties this month!

Michelle said I inspired her in 2010 to get healthy. To be honest, I don't feel qualified to write this column and always put it off until the last minute because I never know what to write about. Why? because I've steadily been adding weight for a year. But if there's one thing I learned about weight gain and have to get honest with yourself. That first step for me is admitting a problem aloud.
I haven't felt healthy in a while... 
On the outside, I look healthy enough. But a steady weight gain over the past year has been more than a little discouraging. The more I gain, the higher my blood pressure and cholesterol. The more I gain, the more I want to give up. In fact, I did. Book deadlines and a lack of appropriate thyroid replacement (my drug was recalled) made it impossible to add another goal: low or no sugar. I just couldn't do it.

I recently found out that my thyroid replacement hasn't had the appropriate dosage and was recalled. Hypothyroidism can contribute to a slower metabolism, where you gain weight even when you aren't eating more and continue to exercise. It's very discouraging and believe me, you can feel depressed. And when you don't get the right amount of replacement...well, it's not a pretty picture emotionally. I've been to the doctor and will be visiting an endocrinologist soon to help come up with a solution for the thyroid replacement.

Time for the bi-monthly update: how did I do with my stress eating since the June column?  "My next book is due on August 1st so then looked at my calendar and knew there were days I wouldn't be able to write, but that left a specific number I thought I would be writing. I calculated how many words per day I'd need to finish the book by my deadline. The number is written on a calendar so I know it can be done. If I'm not stressing about the book, I can avoid stress eating." ~Angi's June column

Fortunately, I met my writing deadline. The daily goal helped and I didn't "stress eat." But I didn't eat healthy either. I didn't worry about it and simply let my husband manage dinner with take out every night. It was a solution, but not a healthy one. HEALTHY begins again today. No matter if I lose weight or not, I know that I feel better on my "No White Diet." Basically, any food that's made with "white" (sugar, bread, flour, milk, salt, etc). I'm ready --and determined-- to feel better.

I'll be back October 24th with another report. 
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How are you staying healthy? or do you need to begin?


  1. Thank you for being honest Angi and I do think you are qualified. It is not easy to maintain your weight. In fact it is bloody hard, made much harder when you encounter a problem with something like your thyriod.
    the main thing is that you are doing something about it -- seeing a professional, searching for advice etc. And hooray on making your deadline.
    And no white diets do work. Another one I've heard of recently is the 80/10/10 for some reason raw seems to work with hypothyriodism for some people.

  2. Thank you Michelle.

    I do raw veggies or grilled. And now they're telling me I might not have enough iodine because I don't eat canned food or use table salt. My husband and I will be researching how to add it naturally, that's for sure.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Day one's finished. Now on to day 2.


  3. Try looking for sea vegetables -- samphire, dulse, kelp, kombu, wakame
    Also things like cod and salmon. Haricot or navy beans.
    If you are eating pulses you will have to add a little salt to the water after you cook them to make them palatable.