Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Destination Life : : Anne McAllister

Anne’s celebrating! 

lifes journey bigger_thumbAs I write this my husband and I are celebrating our 46th anniversary (yes, I was a child bride).  That’s a lot of years.  In a way it seems like forever, and in another way it seems as if we just got started. Sometimes I feel like my grandson, the little boy in the picture to the right – just setting off on life’s journey with all the promise ahead.

And I hope there is more ‘promise ahead.’  But at the moment, I celebrating not just looking forward, but looking back.

I have to celebrate a very terrific, long-suffering, amazingly talented husband, five kids who have given me more interesting times and greater joy than I could ever have imagined, eleven grandkids who never cease to amaze me, one carpet-chomping rabbit, one bionic cat, seven of the world’s best dogs (not all at once!), sixty-seven IMG_2835books and a few more ideas even yet (my first editor used to tell me, “I never have to worry about you running out of ideas.” I think she’s right), great friends, insightful wise editors, a strong supportive family, and enough intriguing dead relatives to keep me busy until I join them on the other side of the hill.

Today, as she does every year, a friend took us out for an anniversary lunch.  We try to go some place new every year and fortunately there is almost always some place we haven’t been (she goes out more than we do so she knows the lay of the land better).  This year she took us to a wonderful Japanese restaurant that opened a few months ago.  She picked the appetizers (a deep-fried tofu, some very intriguing green dumplings and something else that I could not identify before or after I ate it (but it was good!).  Then she had a shrimp tempura, I had IMG_2834shrimp teriyaki, and my husband had sushi.

The presentation was memorable. So was the food. We came away delighted with our regular conversation about good books and new movies. And we are very very full.  I don’t think I will be making dinner tonight! And that’s a nice bit of celebration, too.

I’m now hunkering down with the current book, ready to write the black moment and thereby make my hero and heroine miserable  -- for a day or two.

But I have promised them (in my heart – though they don’t know it yet) that they will come to their senses and get their happily ever after.

I wish them at least 46 years of happiness – and as wonderful a journey through their married life as I’ve enjoyed in mine.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Anne! Sounds like a wonderful journey together.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    You have a wonderful sounding family and a great friend. Going out to new places to eat is one of my favorite things to do.

  3. Many Congratulations on your anniversary dear friend. Knowing The Prof and you I'm not surprised that you have made this journey so well together. Enjoy every minute of it. Love Kate