Monday, July 29, 2013

Male on Monday: The Star Trek Stand-off

For those of you who don't already know this - I'm a Trekkie.

So, for this Male on Monday it's time for the Star Trek Stand Off. 
In the red corner - in fact it's actually the yellow corner I give you Chris Pine.
Sometimes cheeky, sometime tortured, with a definite devil-may-care attitude.
Would you like to be trapped somewhere with this Star Trek Captain?????

Or what about the blue corner?  I give you Zachary Quinto. 
Dark, brooding, complicated.  Often a man of few words -but definitely the best lines.
And it was only fair to give you a picture without the pointy ears....

And here's link to old Spock versus new Spock, just for fun.

So come on ladies?  Who is the favourite??


Unleashing the 'real' Callie Turner!

Dr Matt Sawyer isn't afraid to break rules. After losing his wife on a field mission, he thinks life is too short for red tape.  When there's a suspected outbreak in his ER, the last person he wants brought in is someone like Callie 'By The Book' Turner!

Callie is truly in the firing line, but Matt is reluctantly intrigued by the latent beauty under her neat designer suits and sparks are soon flying - in more ways than one - between the buttoned-up investigator and this sexy rebel doctor!


That night…

...when Dr Evan Hunter had no resistance to Dr Violet Connelly in her silver dress and spiked heels...

That night…

...when her kiss made him forget he was her boss, and the consequences of his actions..

And the next day… was if nothing had ever happened.  Because nothing could happen between them.  Ever.


  1. Oh, I so want to say new Kirk, but How can-I-resist Original Kirk????? (He runshiswords together like that)

  2. I'mm so old I'm going for Shatner-Kirk as well. Die-hard trekkies unite!

  3. Wow, so surprised! Two ladies going or Kirk.
    Personally, I preferred Picard, but then I did write an episode where I was his daughter....

  4. I thought it was only Kirks and Spocks!!!!