Monday, July 15, 2013

Male on Monday : The Daddy Factor

Got a case of the Monday's? Then a dose of Male on Monday is on order. The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke has a healthy helping of mancandy just for you.

Category romance has been capitalizing on the Daddy factor forever. Little Cowgirl on His Doorstep,  Daddy, Unexpectedly, P.S. You're a Daddy! The list truly never ends. And for good reason. We do love chiseled abs, but we love our protectors, providers, and soft hearts even more.

Orlando Bloom is gorgeous, but when he has Flynn in a jogging stroller and his dog on a leash? So lovable!

Motocross legend Cary Hart has an edge to him, but when he's carrying Willow and her doll, we suddenly go all soft and warm.

A lot of things come to mind when we listen to Robin Thicke's music, things that lead to a baby. But how adorable is he with his son Julian?

Even David Beckham, who owns sexy, gets more attractive when he has Harper in his arms.

And who hasn't had a crush on Ben Affleck at some point? Seeing him make Seraphina giggle brings it all right back.

There is a reason why the Daddy Factor makes hooks and sells books. It's what so many women hope for in a partner. Love my children and you love a part of me. The most important part.

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  1. Hot guy + cute kid = major Ahhhh factor.

    Great blog Jenna.