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Male on Monday: Aaron Tveit

USA Today bestseller and Harlequin Presents author Kate Hewitt introduces the very watchable Aaron Tveit.


This is not a name you’ve probably heard of, as Aaron Tveit is relatively unknown although immensly talented. But his latest role is one of my favourites, and that is as Enjolras, the leader of the revolutionary students, in the film version of Les Miserables.


I’ll be honest. This post is going to be as much—or more—about Enjolras as it is about Aaron Tveit. I’ve been a rather rabid fan of Les Miserables for twenty-five years, since I first saw the musical when I was fifteen. In the days before iTunes or even CDs, I wrote to a post box in the UK (I’d seen a tiny advert in the back of a Play Bill) to get the first cassette tapes of the Complete Symphonic Recording in 1989. I memorized all the lyrics, and I mean all. Even now if someone gives me a line from Les Mis I start singing and go on and on and on. I am the Energizer Bunny of Les Mis lyrics! I also, somewhat to my humiliation, acted the entire musical out with my sister. A capella. In front of people. Yes, really. Maybe we shouldn’t go there.


So, anyway, Enjolras. I didn’t care for him so much when I was a teenager. I was all about Javert and the angst. But now I’m an adult I am moved by Enjolras’s nobility and sacrifice. Also, I think he has the best line in the whole show, right before he dies on the barricades:


Let others rise,

To take our place,

Until the earth IS FREE!


Yes, I just sung that. Out loud. I just can’t help myself.


Another great line of Enjolras’s is when he is talking to whiny Marius (not my favourite character) about his love-at-first-sight with Cosette:


Marius, you’re no longer a child.

I do not doubt you mean it well.

But now there is a higher cause.

Who cares about your lonely soul?

We strive towards a larger goal.

Our little lives don’t count at all.


(Cue the music foreshadowing their deaths)


Aaron is very private about his personal life; he’s confirmed he has a girlfriend who is on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ but that’s it. He’s six feet tall and as you can see from the photo, quite easy on the eyes! And clearly he’s going places with his career.

So do you want to know about Aaron Tveit (pronounced Tuh-vait)? He is 29 years old, and grew up in Upstate New York. While studying drama at Ithaca College he was cast in Rent, and has worked steadily on Broadway ever since, as well had a few roles on film and television, including a stint as Tripp van der Bilt III on Gossip Girl. Starting in June he has been on Graceland on the USA Network.


So now can we talk some more about Enjolras? Or shall I sing some more Les Mis for you?


Do you hear the people sing,

Singing the song of angry men

It is the music of a people

Who will not be slaves again…


Happy reading (and singing!),



Kate Hewitt writes intense and emotional stories. Her latest His Brand of Passion is published in July. You can learn more about Kate and her books on her website.

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