Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Destination Life : : Anne McAllister

lifes journeyAnne is packing.  Her destination this time is Pittsburgh. 
I’m off for a week in Pittsburgh to do some research and see a part of the country I’ve only seen once before.
Pittsburgh is a river city (more than one actually) which makes it of particular interest to me because I’ve lived on a river city for about 2/3 of my life. River cities have a lot in common.  Rivers were the highway system before roads, so they are usually older than other land-locked places. 
Before my river city, I lived in beach towns, so water has always figured big in what I like.  But then, so have mountains, so I guess other than deserts, I’m pretty happy most places.  And deserts are okay, I just don’t relate as well to them. Why? Who knows?
IMG_2245-002While I know there are similarities to my Mississippi River town, I don’t know a lot about Pittsburgh itself. So I thought I would tap into the collective knowledge of the Pink Heart Society readers. 
So, I’d like to ask who has been to Pittsburgh, or lived in Pittsburgh, or was born in Pittsburgh.  And then I’d like you to tell me something you think I’d like to know about it, or something I can do there, or something you’ve done there that you recommend I never ever do! 
What’s the best part of Pittsburgh?  The worst part?  If you could live anywhere in the Pittsburgh area, where would you live? Why?
What are the best foods in Pittsburgh and where can I get them? What can I bring home with me to eat after I’ve left? 
If you have any other wisdom to impart about that area of the country, please speak up, make a comment, wave your hand.  While destinations are, basically, what we make them when we get there, it never ever hurts to have insiders’ views.  IMG_2267
It’s not just the sort of thing I would ask for real life, these are also the questions I would be asking if I were writing a book set in Pittsburgh. As it happens, I’m not. Right now. Who knows what I might do down the road. So if you can enlighten me about Pittsburgh, I’d be very grateful.
Next month I’ll share what I’ve seen and where I went (except I’m going to be at a conference for a lot of the week, so who knows what I’ll actually manage to do).  Thanks.
And if you’ve never been to Pittsburgh – and don’t want to go – where would you like to be going if you were packing a bag right now?

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