Saturday, June 08, 2013

Writer's Workspace: Deborah Hale

PHS is delighted to visit Love Inspired Historical author Deborah Hale


The first thing visitors usually notice when they enter my office is the monster three-sided desk with shelves and a file drawer that I dubbed Deskzilla. I have had a love/hate relationship with Deskzilla over the years. At first I loved it passionately and produced over fifteen books while nestled in its solid embrace. But over the years it became the place I checked email, updated my website, did hours of historical research, played spider solitaire…almost everything except writing. Now I often write my first drafts longhand on yellow foolscap pads in the café overlooking my local grocery store. Deskzilla waits faithfully for me to come home, type in my day’s work and revise it.


My office is also home to the Deep Dark Closet of Author Copies. These days, the boxes of books seem to proliferate faster than I can give them away, so I hope readers will take pity and enter my giveaways wherever they see them! Here’s my latest:


Beside the Closet of Author Copies are the Bookcases of International Editions. I used to have one shelf for copies of my books from all the different countries where they’ve been published. Then the collection grew to a whole bookcase. Now it’s about to outgrow two! I think the next step is to go vertical. Whenever I try to squeeze a new book onto the shelves, it feels a little surreal that my characters have traveled to so many places I probably never will.


In the opposite corner of my office stand the Massive Shelves of Researchy Goodness. My family will tell you I write books to support my research habit. Because I’ve dabbled in so many different time periods, there are books here about 18th century ballroom dancing, the Peninsular War, medieval herbal cures, Highland country estates and many other subjects. For my Glass Slipper Brides series, I have often turned to my research books about governesses and the early life of the Brontës.


The latest book in my Glass Slipper Brides series is The Earl’s Honorable Intentions. It is the story of a wounded warrior, a devoted governess and three small children who need them both. Forging a family and a future will take more than courage and hard work. It will require a leap of faith.


To find out more about The Earl’s Honorable Intentions and the Glass Slipper Brides series, visit my website




  1. Hi Deborah,

    I'm in awe of your writing space, and all that lovely shelving. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I have a long standing weakness for governess stories and your current Glass Slipper Book sounds intriguing.

  2. Thanks, Annie! It's not just my office - we have a LOT of bookcases in our house. :)

  3. Thanks for the peek into your world! An author can't have too many bookcases!

  4. You make me feel better about my desk area. It keeps growing and spreading!

    Peace, Julie