Thursday, June 27, 2013

Secrets to Being Fit & Fab

Old habits are hard to break.

Harlequin Intrigue author Angi Morgan takes over the column duties this month!

"Life is about obtaining balance...not bingeing." That's how I began my post in April and I promised an update. I wish I had total success to report, but it's so easy to keep doing what your used to. AND it's so difficult to create a new habit.
Life is about balance, not bingeing. 
That certainly sounds like a great goal. But breaking long-standing habits is harder in our lives than on paper. But paper (or words) is what I work with each day. So for me, that's where I begin.

My next book is due on August 1st so then looked at my calendar and knew there were days I wouldn't be able to write, but that left a specific number I thought I would be writing. I calculated how many words per day I'd need to finish the book by my deadline. The number is written on a calendar so I know it can be done. If I'm not stressing about the book, I can avoid stress eating.

I know I shouldn't sit and write for long hours. My body gets stiff, I begin to wander and lose focus. Today, my writing buddy encouraged me to get up and walk around my yard every ninety minutes. It didn't seem like much of a challenge, but it revived me and got my blood pumping. I felt better during the next ninety minutes of writing and was more productive. We're encouraging each other to continue this pattern. I can feel better while I'm working and avoid much of the fatigue by simply moving.

I'm eating correctly, now. But I admit that giving up the sugar from the "stress" eating was much more difficult this time. First, I found a reason every week to put it off--some occasion to celebrate was coming up so why would I want to begin (only to fail). And secondly, the extra pounds that I've gained just weren't coming off even with limited sugar and no snacking. This week has been better and the scale is tipping in my favor. A special occasion is this weekend and I'm planning on wedding cake.  No, I probably won't lose weight. But more importantly, I won't be disappointed in myself for cheating. It's not "failure" or "cheating" when I include the cake as part of my plan. I can stay on my plan.

I began my daily exercise routine and had to stop. Short story there, a dog brushed by a full paint can knocking it on top of my foot--it's finally healed. My foot is almost healed and I've started by walking around my yard. I can exercise, even without my foot.

So there's my report--on the page (if not paper). I'm still trying for life balance. I challenge you to develop your own plan of action and take steps to recreate good habits, not just break the bad. Change your inner dialogue from what you can't do, to what you can

I'll be back August 22nd with another report. 
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What are your secrets for developing a new habit?