Friday, June 21, 2013


KISS author Heidi Rice gets completely blown away by the gorgeousness that is Henry Cavill - and there's the new Superman movie in there somewhere too!

OMG! How unbelievably gorgeous is Henry Cavill... I'm not putting a question mark on that question for a very good reason.

First seen in The Tudors, as a rather lusty young nobleman, apparently (somehow I missed this seminal TV event), Henry narrowly missed out on playing Edward in Twilight and then the new James Bond (Daniel Craig nabbed that gig, but Henry will surely be in the running when Mr C retires) only to end up playing the ultimate movie role in the new Superman movie Man of Steel.

So, in my other job as a film reviewer I had the good fortune to get handed a couple of preview tickets for this much-anticipated event last Thursday (yes, all my pontifcating about how much I wanted to see it actually worked!!)

For anyone expecting a proper review now, you will be sadly disappointed. If you actually want to know what I thought of the movie as a whole you can check out my blog... Because, frankly watching Henry in mind-boggling 3D, two rows from the front of the Odeon Leicester Square's mammoth screen in deafening Surroundsound was an experience that was kind of hard to judge in any objective way..

The guilty pleasure-dome that is this movie cannot be underestimated, for any woman with a discerning eye for prime beefcake! However, I did feel that Henry did a surprisingly good job with the lead role, and the film itself (much like the recent Batman reboot starring Christian Bale) does give the Superman saga an intriguing and satisfyingly dark twist. This Superman is not the jokey invincible force for good he was on TV or in the 1980s Christopher Reeve movies. Instead he's an alien being struggling to manage his superpowers in the human world. And frankly, those aspects were brilliantly done, giving depth and emotional intensity to a character who, by his very nature, has previously been a little bit dull and drippy (I mean come on, underpants outside his tights? need I say more!).

I would add that the action, unsurprisingly, was A-MazeBalls - although it did eventually become a bit too A-Mazeballs (some guy behind us projectile vomited over the woman next to Son1!)...

Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner bring gravitas and dignity to the proceedings as Superman's two dads (the super one and the Kansas farmer!) and if their involvement does get a little preachy by the end, Kal-El's relationship to them both - representing his struggle with his dual identity - is well handled.

If I had one major complaint it was that there weren't nearly enough kissy scenes with Amy Adams's passionately perky Lois Lane - but I have to admit when my younger son (who is an afficionado of the comic-books) saw it, he felt their one kiss was one kiss too many!

My takeaway: Henry should soooo do the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Apart from the fact that he's clearly got the acting chops (and Christian Grey's boyish smile, extraordinary face and buff body), I feel after starring as cinema's ultimate Mr Nice Guy (albeit with some added 21st century angst), a bit of bad boy would do wonders for his resume.

As it happens the cast appeared together on the fabulous Graham Norton Show here in the UK, and if you haven't seen it, hears a little snippet to whet your appetite....

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  1. What a great post, Heidi! Now I can't wait to see Superman, just not sure if they actually have cinemas here in the "boonies" aka The Cotswolds. I loved the trailer you put up, thanks for that, and the excerpt from Graham Norton too, plus of course your insightful review of the movie! btw The Tudors is showing on tellie at the moment, have no idea what channel but my BT thingy keeps recording it. Henry is rather toothsome in that too!

  2. Cheers CC...and yes I need to see The Tudors... And you will not be disappointed by Henry's toothsome ness in Man of Steel. I guarantee it.