Monday, June 24, 2013

Male on Monday with Kira Sinclair

The Pink Heart Society is happy to welcome Kira Sinclair for today's Male on Monday!

I’ve been accused of liking broken bad boys.  What can I say?  I’m a fixer at heart.  And writing that kind of hero gives me the chance to fix them over and over again.  The more damaged they are the better I like them.  A wounded war hero fighting guilt and PTSD.  An architect working to protect his mother and brother from their dangerous existence.  A hardened businessman hell bent on a little revenge against the people who abandoned and abused him.  I’m a sucker for a sad story and a wounded soul.

But being damaged alone isn’t quite enough.  My men need to be a little rough around the edges too.  I love
heroes that use a hard outer shell to deflect people from noticing the soft center they hide so well.  Add in an air of danger and I’m a goner.  A man who’s ruthless enough to take what he wants, but strong enough to protect what’s his from any threat – nosy reporters, the heroine’s overbearing family or a serial rapist. The kind of man with a strict honor code, even if that code isn’t the same one the rest of us lives by. 

Although strong men require strong women to challenge their status quo.  And I absolutely adore pairing these dynamic men with the kind of women who’ll bring them to their knees.  My heroines always zero immediately into that soft center they’re trying so hard to hide.  They know just how to use it against them – pushing, soothing and protecting – to turn the tables and get what they want – him.

My hero and heroine in She’s No Angel are no exception. From the moment they get together sparks fly.  Lexi Harper loves chocolate…sometimes a little too much. She’s got serious skills at restraining those pesky urges.  If only she could deny her attraction to Brett Newcomb, the architect hell bent on building a resort in town that no one wants.  Brett could become more addictive than any sweet…and her worst indulgence when she discovers he’s betrayed her.

So…who’s your favorite broken bad boy?



  1. Good morning Kira
    bad boy that I want to reform would be Jim Caviezel. And if he isn't bad enough, let's pretend that he is. I look forward to reading She's no Angel and I enjoyed reading excerpt.

  2. Have you seen the TV show Jim is on? Can't remember the name, but his character is definitely a broken bad boy. :-)

    Eye candy is never a bad way to start a Monday, right?