Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tales of an Unpublished Author: The RT Experience

For those of you who don’t know, RT stands for RomanticTimes, a convention that brings together authors of all genres and readers. This year the convention was held in Kansas City. Not an exciting location, but most times you don’t go for sight-seeing.

I've been attending conferences for awhile but this was the first time I attended RT. I can honestly say it won't be my last. 

 This was one of the elevators at the RT hotel. Pretty cool, huh? 

Here are a few things an unpublished writer can gain from attending a conference:

Insight: One of the best things about romance writers is that they’re willing to help each other. Need advice? Most published authors will answer your questions in a heartbeat. 

Learning the Craft: Yes, there’s always workshops but sometimes conferences hold special workshops. This year, I attended Cherry Adair’s plotting workshop. Even though I ‘ve been writing for a while, it was extremely helpful.

Comraderie: Over time, you meet people and make friends. These friends will become an important part of your writing career.

Books: Maybe I should say FREE books? It’s crazy how many books you can take home. I met one person who picked up more than 100 free books at this year’s RT.  

Party!: RT is known for its parties. I think there was one every night. 

Attending a conference can put a dent in your budget, but in my opinion, there are only advantages to attending. 

Abbi :-)

Abbi is still on Twitter -- @abbi_wilder -- because she couldn't give it up for 2013. Her first story, The Baby Whisperer, will appear in The Mammoth Book of ER Romance to be published later this year. --


  1. You know I've never been to a conference. It's on my list of things some day. And after reading your list, it bumped a little higher on the list. So long as hubby doesn't hear about all of the free books. LOL. My TBR piles are taking over the house. But he just doesn't understand, they publish more good books than I can keep up with. ;-) I'm trying. LOL.

  2. Loved this visual journey via Abbi! And we met at a conference too! In Anaheim 2012 RWA!