Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pets and Their Authors :: Kelly Hunter

USA Today Bestselling author Kelly Hunter has vast and varied experience with animals - much of that the livestock variety.  When it came to writing her latest release - When Honey Got Married... a fun, sexy anthology written alongside Kimberly Lang, Anna Cleary, and Ally Blake set around a big Louisiana wedding - she learned a lot about the finer points of wildlife of the deep south.  Apparently its not all edible!

I’ve always had pets. Mice, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chooks (that’s Aussie for chickens), ducks, pigs.

A year or so back, I acquired two young Belted-Galloway heifers, hopefully in calf. Their mission – and they did choose to accept it – was to eat the grass on the five acre block, thus saving me from having to mow it. Trouble is, they’re so fluffy and cute, and they’re very curious and they have these ears

And then they have calves, and they’re even smaller and their ears are even cuter, and all of a sudden I didn’t have cows anymore, I had pets. Animals who like to help with the gardening and the wood collecting and who walk to the letterbox with me and the dogs each afternoon. Animals who try and find you if they haven’t seen you yet this morning...
I’m not sure what the neighbours think. I’m not game to ask. But they’re still cute.

Insert pics are:
1.       New beltie calf
2.       About a week old
3.       Wondering where I am
When it came to working on the recently released anthology, When Honey Got Married…, with Kimberly Lang, Anna Cleary and Ally Blake, I was all for including critters. Gators. Egrets. Truffled breast of swan. Stuffed hummingbirds and bees… (you had to be there). 

Fortunately, saner heads prevailed and Honey’s wedding - although outdoors - is animal free and elegantly classy. But next time I work with these fabulous authors they’ve promised to let me have cows ;)

When Honey Got Married... is out now!  Order from Amazon today! 

You can learn more about what happened When Honey Got Married… at her website And don't forget to follow Honey's antics on Facebook and Twitter.  


  1. I'm all for cows, Miss Kelly. I adore cows!

  2. I didn't know the name of that breed of cattle. I always called them "Oreo" cows.

  3. They're called that too - though not so much in Australia, where for a long time we didn't have Oreo cookies. These cattle originated from Galloway, Scotland. They're very hardy & have a double coat, which is useful here in winter because it gets very cold. I'm a big fan ;)

  4. I never promised cows! All livestock appearances must be negotiated separately.

  5. Looks like you are going to have your hands full in trying to convince Kimberly !