Friday, May 17, 2013

MUST WATCH FRIDAY: Iron Man 3 & Book Giveaway!

Harlequin KISS author Heidi Rice gets all hot and bothered about the most super anti-hero EVAH... Psst... That would be Robert Downey Jr in a very niffy metal suit.

So have no fear if you haven't seen Iron Man 1 & 2 the good news is you don't have to see them to enjoy the shear unadulterated fabulousness of this latest entry in the Iron Man franchise, currently wowing cinemagoers on both sides of the pond... The bad news is Heidi's gonna come round to your house and kick your buttinski! What have you been doing with yourself for the last five years? This is Robert Downey Jr's finest hour (or rather six hours). Not only is he perfectly cast as Tony Stark — the bad boy billionaire turned Marvel Comics superhero — this series of films has something for everyone, be they man, boy or romance junkie.

All right, so what's so fabulous?

Well, simply put, this film was the perfect combo of jaw-dropping action, smart-alekky comedy, blood, sweat, tears, drama and... Wait for it... Emotional depth...

Yeah, that's right, this is actually a big-budget action movie that features a relationship between our resident super-hero (that would be RDJ) and his girlfriend Pepper Potts (aka the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow) that actually attempts to be more than the usual slap-dash affair.

In the first two movies, Pepper went from being Tony's Miss Moneypenny-style Girl Friday to his no-nonsense Girlfriend, establishing a rapport that had definite echoes of those quick-fire romantic comedies of the 1930s and 40s. When the action kicks off here, Tony and Pepper are now living together in his epic house-on-a-cliff... But Tony's not cut out for relationships. He's a man used to being a major player (and not just on the stock market), plus he's got a few Post-Traumatic-Stress issues left over from the apocalyptic showdown in The Avengers movie - which has led to insomnia, panic attacks and the inability to stop fiddling with his newest toy (an Iron Man suit that constructs itself around the wearer on command). Needless to say that has left Pepper out in the cold, something that is somewhat compounded by the gift of a giant Teddy Bear and an attack on their home that leaves Tony suspected dead and Pepper wearing the metal pants (quite literally)...

Tony and Pepper are going to have to do a lot to get back together and the all-action battle against Ben Kinsley's Bin Laden-style international terrorist, an army of indestructible super soldiers and Guy Pearce's evil genius is only the half of it.

As well as Tony's relationship with Pepper, we also get his hilarious friendship with young Ty Simpkins  - who turns out to be a bit of a chip off the old block when Tony finds himself holed up in Ty's garage with a defective suit and no way to save the world from impending doom. Bummer! The best thing about their scenes together is how refreshingly honest they are, with master showboater Tony determined not to be out done by his young showboater-in-the-making.

The action, needless to say, is completely awesome. With all the fire-power we have come to expect from these movies - just wait for the vertigo inducing sequence when Iron Man saves a group of air-crash passengers by playing a game of Barrel Monkeys at ten thousand feet (don't ask!). But for once the character development and the relationship dynamics don't play second fiddle to the SFX. And the plot is sophisticated enough to keep you guessing - there is one particularly clever switcheroo that you really won't see coming.

Honourable mentions should also go to Guy Pearce (going the full smarmy) and Ben Kingsley (in a brilliant performance of two halves) as the two star villains who turn out to be worthy opponents for Iron Man in ways you would not expect.

All right, I'm gonna stop banging on about this now. Just go see the movie. I guarantee you will be entertained beyond measure - and quite possibly a complete convert to the Marvel Universe (if you aren't already)... Plus the more bums I can get on seats, the more likely I am to get Iron Man 4! Just sayin'

In honour of the awesomeness of this movie, I'm giving away a copy of my 1st Harlequin KISS novel Too Close for Comfort to one lucky commentator... Just leave a comment telling me who your favourite super-hero is and why? Then I will pick a winner from random on Saturday morning (in the comments thread)

Heidi's 1st Harlequin KISS novel Too Close for Comfort is out in the US  and the UK in June (as an M&B Modern). The US edition also features a free novella by Aimee Carson which kicks off the fabulous KISS quartet The Wedding Season - featuring books by Aimee, Amy Andrews, Kimberly Lang and Heidi. For some delicious sneak peeks check out The Wedding Season Pinterest page.


  1. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Oh, and my boys loved it too!

  2. Wasn't it a hoot, Scarlet.... And I even followed all the super-science, I was so engrossed, which is a first!

  3. From MarcieR

    Fave SuperHero - Wolverine from X-Men. He can scratch my back anytime.

  4. I'm not a huge comic book movie fan, but I love Robert and Gwyneth, so I'll eventually check out Iron Man 3. I'm not sure if she counts as an actual superhero, but my pick for a favorite would be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I love a strong, witty heroine.

  5. Hi Heidi, my fave super hero is Batman. He's handsome and owns a mansion and kicks major buttinski!
    Thanks for the fab write up on Iron Man, I tried to watch 1 and 2 last year but I think I need to sit down and watch it, I was too busy and didnt enjoy it. My kids have been to see 3 and really loved it. Your review on it is just fab!

  6. Marcie, yes Wolverine is very tasty... But I would suggest you ask him to detract his claws before scratching your back.. Just sayin'!
    Summer you'll like Iron Man 3 and I have terrible confession to make, I've never watched Buffy!! But she's definitely a superhero IMHO
    Tash, with you on Batman... Although have to admit I'm gagging to see Mr Henry Cavill as Superman (I feel the ability to fly might outweigh all Bruce Wayne's millions!)

    OK have picked winner from random and it's Marcie!! So just email me your snail mail address at and I will pop a copy of Too Close for Comfort in the post... But thanks everyone for entering!

  7. From MarcieR

    WooHoo! Just saw that I won.