Monday, May 06, 2013

Male on Monday: James McAvoy has Terri Reed's vote

Love Inspired Suspense author Terri Reed explains why James McAvoy was the perfect inspiration for her latest and it is the eyes which have her hooked.


Like many writers when developing a character I go searching for visible inspiration.   My May book, Scent of Danger, features a Narcotics Detective named Parker Adams.  I wanted someone manly, yet with a sort of hipster/vintage look to him.   James McAvoy aka Charles Xavier from X-Men First Class, fit the bill perfectly.  He’s handsome, yet has an edge to him.  And those piercing blue eyes!


For my current book in progress, I turned to one of my favorite shows Once Upon a Time for a little eye candy by the name of Colin O’Donoghue aka Hook.   Another guy with vivid blue eyes! 


On the shelves May 7th, Scent of Danger, book five of the Texas K-9 Unit series.


Detective Melody Zachary is determined to find who killed her

nephew in a drug-related murder. She’s launched her teen center

in his memory, to keep kids off the streets. And she’ll prove to

narcotics officer Parker Adams and his K-9 drug-sniffing partner,

Sherlock, it’s not a haven for dealers. As they risk their lives to save others, Melody discovers that Parker and she share the same deep commitment to making a difference. Will circumstances allow them to take the biggest risk yeton love? 


This book received a 4 ½ star review from Romantic Times Magazine.  My first!

“This fast-paced tale, punctuated with determined characters who tie in nicely with the other books, continues the collaborative Texas K-9 Unit series.”  (Reviewed by:  Leslie McKee)


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