Friday, May 10, 2013

Fill The Well Friday :: Birthdays!

Do you believe in a birthday month? Birthday week? The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke can't understand how a single day is long enough to celebrate another trip around the sun.

My baby girl turns five today. Five! It happened so fast. Since she's our third, I've known to cherish the moments, have instant dance parties for the little accomplishents - woo-hoo you put on your own shoes, a popsicle party for the potty master. Still, even with living in the moment, she's managed to race to kindergarten. And her first bike. She can even make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The princess usually has to share her birthday with Mother's Day weekend. With so many family visitation obligations, she often gets a friend party one week, snack day at school the next, and a family BBQ with two cakes since one isn't enough to feed the gene pool lounging around the house.

You see, a birthday month is needed. A birthday is a very big deal and it takes time  to celebrate it properly. My own birthday month shenanigans began in college, where professors do not care about your birthday. Sometimes a test trumped free drinks, so it was only logical to make up for not celebrating on the actual day by partying it up for two weekends instead of one.

The diva and I share a birthday month (I know, two Taurus women in the same household...teen years will be a delight). We've already had a few 'birthday lunches' thanks to coupons. Cheap Pizza Schmizza? Free Red Robin? Free IHOP? Cheap Cold Stone Creamery? Don't mind if we do.

Sometimes, I worry about her future husband. Will he understand a birthday must be properly celebrated for a month? I suppose he'll learn eventually. Mine doesn't even like to celebrate his own birthday, but he has realized I need to time to cherish the memories of a year, a lifetime gone by. And to dream of the future.

What are your favorite birthday traditions?

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