Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tales of an Unpublished Author – Bizarro Turning Points

Actually, I’m talking about the inciting incident and the first turning point from a bizarre perspective on this post.

Sometimes there is confusion about these the Inciting Incident (II) and the First Turning Point (FTP) because they are two separate happenings in any story.

The inciting incident can happen anywhere from the first page to the first 10 percent of a story. In many short contemporaries, the inciting incident is the same as the ‘cute meet’ – it’s the event that gets the story going.

Boy meets girl but forgets to leave his phone number. Or, in the bizarro case, (my current mss): boy meets girl and remembers to leave his phone number but it’s picked up by another girl – the wrong girl, at least for the moment.  J

The FTP occurs at about 20-25 percent into the story. And in short contemporaries, it is the moment or something that brings the hero and heroine together for the next part of the story. Or, in longer novels, it’s an incident that sets the hero or heroine world in a different direction.

And the thing about the inciting incident and the first turning point is that one leads to the other. Or, another way to look at it, is a continuation of the conflict introduced during the II. In some cases, they can be considered the first 'layers' of a short contemporary. 

Make sense? Clear as mud right? That's the world of writing. 

An odd note: For those of you who haven’t started thinking about it, SYTYCW is probably about 5 months away. If they still want a complete mss, now would be the time to start thinking, planning and writing yes?

Abbi J

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  1. Great post! Your first meet sounds cute. Hope I get to read it. :-)