Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Thoughts: Writing series

I've been invited to take part in writing a series for Mills and Boon Medicals and I'm currently jumping around with joy.

Medicals have always featured series quite heavily.  There's been most recently the Sydney Harbor Hospital Series, and in the past St Pirans and Penhally Bay.   There is even a New York based series running right now - NYC Angels.  So I'm delighted to be part of the newest series.

Some medical authors write their own series.  Sometimes up to eight books based in one setting. 
I've written connected books before.  Twice on my own and once with another author. 

But this is the first time I've received the series "bible".  This is the outline of the overall books, the characters, their back story and the interlinking plots.  I had so much fun reading it!

It's also strange for a pantser like me to have my whole story sitting in front of me. A plot?  Really?   I always know how my story starts, how it will end, and what the conflict is.  The bit in the middle?  No.  Definitely not.  So this is quite a bonus for me.

Other lines have series too.  Historicals had Castonbury Park, Presents had the Santina Crown.  So how do you feel about series books?  Do you enjoy them?  Do you get frustrated waiting for the next installment?

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