Monday, April 08, 2013

Male on Monday: James Badge Dale

PHS Editor and Harlequin Historical author Michelle Styles investigates the possiblities of James Badge Dale

When casting around for a possible Male on Monday candidate, I asked my 19 year old daughter. She suggested Ryan Gosling. When I informed her that he had already been done. she swiftly followed it up with James Badge Dale who is apparently smexy.
James Badge Dale was one of the leads in Pacific and he also has a significant role in Iron Man 3. He also has significant parts in World War Z starring Brad Pitt and The Lone Ranger which stars Johnny Depp.
His acting career started with playing Simon in the 1990 remake of the Lord of the Flies. Born in May 1978, he is the only child of two actors and grew up in New York City surrounded by a crazy gypsy like life of actors. he was born James Badgett Dale and that is how he appeared in Lord of the Flies. He later became James Badge Dale. His nickname is Badge.
He keeps his private life private because of his early experience with being teased about being in the Lord of the Flies. He said that people thought they knew him from the movie but it wasn't how he was in real life. He initally stayed away from acting but obviously caught the bug.
In addition to the lead in Pacific, he also appeared in Rubicon (2010) which was cancelled and so he never was able to learn how the thriller ended. It is apparently one of his biggest regrets -- not having closure. Apparently this is a problem with tv series as opposed to a movie. A movie will normally have a closed ending (all threads tied up) but tv series don't because they may or may not be renewed.
If you want to know more about James Badge Dale, visit his Facebook page

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  1. Phew he's hot! It must be really hard work finding a MoM every week! Research is so tough ;o) Caroline x