Saturday, March 16, 2013

Writer's Workspace:Terri Reed

PHS visits with Love Inspired Suspense author Terri Reed and discovers where she creates her books

When I first started writing I had a desk in a corner of my living.  Then we lived in a small starter home that had a great room style living/dining/kitchen area.  It was great when the kids were little.  They’d be playing not far away where I could keep an eye on them while worked.  Or tried to work between stopping to referee. 

When we moved in 2006 to the house we live in now we designated one of the upstairs bedrooms as my office.   This last summer are nephew came to live with us so we moved my office downstairs into what would be a formal dining room.  I actually like it better.   

The kitchen is close by.  I can pop into my office easily without tromping up and down the stairs and there’s more natural light come through the window and the glass French doors leading into the playroom.  

When my back is acting up I make a reclining nest on my couch.

It’s great on cold days.  I turn the fireplace on, brew some tea, and use the heating pad on my back.

I love having a job where I can work from home.     


 You can learn more about Terri and her books on her website
Her latest  The Cowboy Target is out now.




  1. Hi, Terri :-)! Now that our kids are grown & gone, I have two upstairs bedrooms I could claim for office space. However, I like being downstairs where the action is, close to the kitchen. I work in a corner of our living room, in a niche formed by a five-windowed bay (we live in a Victorian-style house with lots of nooks & crannies). My husband likes the fact that the room doesn't sit empty, and I appreciate my surroundings--the fireplace, the bookshelves, the views of the wraparound porch and the country road.

    Hearing you talk about tromping up & down the stairs reminds me why I'm staying where I am ;-).

  2. Hi Terry. Your house sounds lovely. Yes not having to climb up and down the stairs is a plus.
    I'm in London now. Spent the past four days in Paris.
    The weather has pretty much been like home but both of these cities are wonderful. I haven't even scratched the surface on sightseeing. I will need to come back.
    Terri Reed.

  3. Hi again, Terri--Oh, I'm so glad you're spending time in Europe! Wonderful :-). I want to hear all about your trip. Is your daughter still in Richmond?