Saturday, March 23, 2013

Writers Workspace - Michelle Smart

Here at Pink Heart it gives us great pleasure to welcome Michelle Smart to Writers Workspace.  Michelle's debut release Tempted by Trouble is currently out with Entangled and her second is a Harlequin/Presents called The Rings That Bind due on 23 July.  Take it away Michelle!

I must confess, my favourite part of The Pink Heart Society’s blog (other than The Call Stories, because who doesn’t love a good Call story?) is the Writers Workspace. I love catching glimpses of the lovely – often bespoke – offices that other authors get to work in. Me? I work on a sofa. Yes, I live in the human equivalent of a rabbit hutch. I have a side-table on which I keep my printer. If you look closely you will see my pink A4 hardback note book in which I do all my revisions. Occasionally, I will take my printed-off manuscript and work on the dining table, especially if my revisions are heavy.

So yes, the majority of my time is spent on ‘my’ spot on the sofa (you can see the dip caused by years of my bottom wedged to it). I put a cushion on my lap, stick the laptop on the cushion, turn iTunes on, stick my earphones in (look closely and you’ll see the earphones in the pic) and start writing. I find music helps me get in the mood of whatever I’m working on. I have a selection of playlists to choose from – my ‘dark and moody’ selection is very extensive – and music has the added bonus of tuning out any surrounding noise. This isn’t a problem during the day when my hubby’s at work and our kids are at school, but in the evening it’s apparently unreasonable to ask them to conduct themselves in silence. To be honest though, I love writing to music and I also like writing in the living room. I’m pretty sure that even if I had an office/study, I’d probably just use it as a library. And I really do need a library. Here’s a picture of my book cases (that’s a gerbil cage at the bottom of the pic). I also have a couple of hundred Harlequin Mills & Boon books on my bedside table and heaped in piles by my side of the bed – I would have taken a photo of them too but that would have meant having to tidy it all up to make it presentable.

I’m starting to think I need a bigger house…                                                 
And finally - check this out Michelle's mothers day present from her son.  Isn't it gorgeous??  A notepad in the shape of a cupcake!

Sparks fly when billionaire Marco Capello is forced into giving sanctuary to his nemesis, British socialite Pippa Rowantree. Wild-child Pippa almost ruined his life once, something he has never forgiven or forgotten.

Pippa’s life had been nothing but a car-crash but she has spent the past few years turning it around and building something good for herself. When she is accused of a serious assault, everything she has built teeters on the verge of collapse. Her only option is to fly to the Caribbean to the home of the one man she has ever loved – and the one man who truly hates her.

Marco has no idea that allowing Pippa into his home is going to turn his carefully controlled world upside down again, much less that the rebellious wild-child he knew has developed into someone so desirable that his self-control is going to be pushed to the limit…




  1. I have an office. It has a desk and everything. It has lots of wonderful shelf space for all mine and my daughter's books. It recently has started doubling up as youngest son's bedroom :/

    So I'm just like you, I have a corner of the sofa with bum prints and everything :)

    And, by the way, using a corner of the sofa has worked out pretty well for you so far!! x

    1. OMG - you've lost your office already? You poor thing. I think that's got to be even worse - at least I can't miss what I've never had!!! xxx

  2. Ah so that's where your magic happens. My office is the corner of the sofa too! leather gets a bit chilly on the bum so I also have a writing blanket. Love your notepad x

  3. I have a writing blanket too! But don't tell my eldest son - I steal it off his bed ha ha ha!

  4. My kids took over my office space too! Now I have a desk in the corner of our bedroom-except with little ones around, I'm usually perched at the kitchen table ;-)

    Love the notepad! Sweet :-)

  5. I'm still clinging to my office because it's a novelty since we moved out of the city and into more space, but often the dining room table is a better option for some reason! Love the bookshelves:-) And congrats again on your debut!!