Saturday, March 09, 2013

Writer's Workspace: Jackie Braun plus giveaway

PHS is delighted to visit with award winning journalist and  Harlequin KISS author Jackie Braun and learn more about where she writes her books. For a chance to win a copy of her latest, leave a comment at the end.

I’m very lucky that I’ve always had a dedicated writing space. Even before I published, I had an office that was separate from, say, my bedroom.
But I hit the jackpot when my husband and I built our house in 2001. By that point, I had sold my first book to Silhouette Romance and was waiting for my second one to be released. But even before then, when we were looking at building sites and working with an architect on a design, the plan was I would have an office, complete with built-in bookshelves. It would be mine and mine alone. My husband would have a desk elsewhere.
Well, we’ve been in this house for 11 years last fall. In that time, I’ve written 30 books (whew!) and my office remains MY office. It is my very own slice of real estate and it comes with a door that locks.
It has a huge picture window that gives me a glimpse of the world outside, including my flowerbeds, which are as much a passion for me as writing.
The room has a vaulted ceiling, lots of shelves and cabinets and a large, custom built oak desk that faces that window. It also has a couch, where I can lay down to do some serious plotting – also known as taking a nap.
The floor to ceiling bookshelves that bracket the window are full, even though I now own a Kindle. I can’t bring myself to pass up a good book, no matter what form it takes.
The only downside to my office? Its door. Sure, it locks, but it’s also glass. I’m looking at it right now and I can see a lot of prints on it. Not only fingerprints, which one would expect, but, um, nose prints.
These were made by my younger son, who likes to stand there looking pitiful when I’m pulling my hair out on deadline and have closed and locked the door.
Still, I know I’m lucky to have this space…a few nose prints notwithstanding.
My latest book, Must Like Kids from Harlequin’s new KISS line, is out right now. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy.
Visit Jackie's website to learn more about her and her books.


  1. I like that title. Some of my friends don't like books with kids in them, so they can stay away if they want; however, MOST of my friends prefer books with kids (more realistic to them, especially nowadays), so they'll grab it a lot faster off the shelf.

    I like your room, Jackie. I too have my own office, although it doesn't have a lock, nor is it very big. They say size doesn't matter; it's what you do with it (LOL). That being said, my office used to be an office/guest room, with a purple double mattress squished in to be used as a desktop back in the olden days (with a computer password and locked filing cabinets). A decade later, it was just an office, as I needed every square inch when I was so busy. Last month, though, I recognized that my business had downsized considerably (which is fine by me), so I made space to spread out my scrapbooking materials, pretty well everywhere but on my desk. As with my other two "designs", I love it! It suits where I am right now in life. I'm glad YOUR office suits where YOU are right now too (despite the nose prints, LOL)!

  2. Your office looks and sounds great!
    I like the title of your latest book.

  3. I have my own office, too, which I love, but it's half sewing-room, which means it's ALL a mess. Home to me, though, and I miss the nose-print days. :-) I enjoyed this post.

  4. Aww sweet little nose prints... use some packing tape and save those!!!

  5. Many Christmas' ago my son and husband surprised me with my very own library with writing desk. The "man-room" was given up to the family books and writing mom. 12 foot ceilings with bookshelves all around. The only one who really uses it is myself and the cats. Having a room to call your own is a blessing in disguise.
    I'm excited for you and the publication of your new book. Would love to read it. Fun cover.

  6. The nose prints are so cute, and I only wish I had windows that size.

  7. Nice office and cover


  8. I like the office, especially the book wall. The book sounds good, too!

    Marcy Shuler

  9. Hi Jackie ~ I enjoyed the glimpse into your office which is a beautiful space. I really enjoyed Must Like Kids. It was a wonderful story.

  10. My home is very small, so if I want to work in my office I first have to transform my diningroom into one. The table gets cleared, the computer comes out of the closet & a nice cushion on the chair. Voila my office is ready to use.

  11. Thanks for all of the great replies. Love the idea of saving those noseprints! The winner of a copy of my book is Melissa. Congratulations, Melissa.